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October, 2011

  1. International VELUX Award 2012

    October 30, 2011 by architectural competitions

    The VELUX Group has launched the International VELUX Award 2012 to encourage and challenge students of architecture all over the world to explore and investigate daylight in architecture under the award theme “Light of Tomorrow”. Deadline for registering is 1 March 2012 and projects must be submitted by 7 May 2012.

    The International VELUX Award 2012 encourages sustainable ideas and solutions consider-ing new buildings and the existing building stock in cities as well as in suburban residential areas. The Award is looking for proposals that combine a clear energy strategy a specific focus on the health and well-being of people living and working in the buildings.

    The 2012 Award jury members are:

    Alvaro Siza from Portugal, Brigitte Shim from Canada, Peter Stutchbury from Australia, and Francis Kéré originally from Burkina Faso now living in Germany. They have all taught, published and built across borders and all share an interest for sustainable building combined with a deep respect for local environments and conditions.

    Learn more on the IVA 2012 website:

  2. Architecture at Zero

    October 21, 2011 by architectural competitions

    ARCHITECTURE AT ZERO, presented by AIA SF and PG&E, is an international open ideas competition with a focus on the specific challenges of creating urban zero net energy (ZNE) buildings. The competition seeks creative and feasible approaches to urban ZNE building to broaden the conversation around how a site zero net energy project will be approached now and in the future. Further, it seeks to raise the profile of ZNE building among built-environment professionals, students, and the general public in California and beyond.

    Architecture at Zero is open to architects, designers, engineers, and students of these disciplines.

    Awards & Prizes: $25,000 in total prize money will be awarded. There will be at least two awards given, one for a student entry and one for a professional entry. Final decisions and prize money distribution will be made solely by the jury.

    Jury: Susan Szenasy, Editor in Chief, Metropolis Magazine
    Bob Berkebile, FAIA, BNIM
    Lawrence Scarpa, FAIA, Brooks + Scarpa Architecture
    Allison Williams, FAIA, Perkins + Will
    Stephen Selkowitz, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

    Deadline: November 29, 2011, 1pm PST
    Entry Fee: $185/ $85 for students

    See for more information

  3. Ready to re-think space? Unconference – Beyond the Borders

    October 19, 2011 by architectural competitions

    Ready to re-think space?

    Unconference – Beyond the Borders

    Registration open

    While the fourth competition on Moral Borders is still ongoing, we are opening the call for the final event of the annual cycle The Borders. Zagreb Society of Architects is pleased to announce and invite you to First Think Space Unconference – ‛Beyond the Borders’ on 18 – 20. November 2011 in Lauba House, People and Art House, Zagreb, Croatia.
    Following the four rounds of the conceptual architectural competitions, the final event will be organized together with an award ceremony and exhibition of projects submitted during the architectural competitions in the Think Space Program. Conceived as a series of highly interactive sessions for 300 participants who will lively discuss the topics from the competitions, the final event is planned in the form of the unconference.

    The first Think Space Unconference will enable participants and winners from the four international competitions to meet in Zagreb together with world famous architects, the guest curator and the jurors of the competitions. They will jointly explore the topics and challenges of the each single competition in personal and group encounters.

    The unconference entitled Beyond the Borders is planned as the crowning of the entire cycle and serves both as a platform for experimentation and exchange of ideas and as a physical space / place where network of creative thinkers beyond cultural, geographic or institutional borders gather together. At the end of the cycle an annual publication will integrate the competitions’ results and the discussions and conclusions from the unconference.

    Beyond the Borders unconference is a forum to talk to peers, learn new things, and build new collaborative networks that will send the participants back to their practices energized and ready to re-think the space.
    All the information about the Unconference, the programme and registration are available on the Think Space web site Feel free to come up with the proposals or questions on We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you in Zagreb.

    Think Space Team
    Drustvo arhitekata Zagreba (DAZ)
    Zagreb Society of Architects
    Trg bana Jelacica 3/I
    HR – 10 000 Zagreb
    tel. +38514816151; fax. +38514816197

    Venue & Partner Organization
    Lauba House
    Baruna Filipovića 23a, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

  4. Up’s in Down’s

    October 17, 2011 by architectural competitions

    Up’s In Down’s is a multidisciplinary group effort to seek and direct the attention of an observer to alternate aspects of current day built interventions. The 6th Street Container in collaboration with local architect Vanessa Estrada, AIA brings UP’s in Down’s to Miami’s art and design community. This exhibition seeks to affirm that an optimistic and constructive outlook can be borne from crises via innovation.
    Where: The 6th Street Container, an alternative art space founded by artist Adalberto Delgado and Maria Amores, Leed AP located in Miami’s LiHa – Little Havana – is dedicated to promoting the arts, while keeping the spirit of a neighborhood context. The space has exhibited the work of some of South Florida’s most talented emerging and established artists.
    To learn more about the 6th Street Container, visit:
    When: February 17 – March 10, 2012
    Submission Requirements: Submissions may be built or un-built projects, research, conceptual work or competitions. The work/idea must be creatively presented on one 11×17
    board (landscape orientation) and submitted in PDF (300dpi) to: Submission deadline is December 16, 2011. Selected exhibitors will be notified by January 12, 2011. Each exhibitor is responsible for printing, mounting and shipping of their 11″x17″ board. Mounting must be on ½” black foam board.

  5. TIKAL 2011- Ecological Hostel

    October 16, 2011 by architectural competitions

    ARQUITECTUM, a company devoted to the organizing of architecture competitions, is interested in invite the world’s architects to the “TIKAL 2011” International Architecture Competition, to be held from October to December 2011.


    The “Ecological Hostel” to be designed is meant to be a new worldwide prototype model of hostel housing, its main purpose being the enjoyment of the landscape and environment, not the level of comfort it brings.
    Within this scheme, the “Ecological Hostel” is more a place to be, rather than a place to be in: of enjoyment of the context before the enjoyment of the infrastructure. In this way the environment is freed of excessive contaminating residues produced by the heavy rotation of visitors. Higher value is placed on the temporary and active experiencing of the event itself (observation of the citadel) rather than on the efficiency and complexity that the installations may offer for a longer term stay.
    This “Ecological Hostel” is meant to be a next generation type of lodging, a self sufficient refuge whose service plan is based on contemporary parameters of “zero ecological impact” which will promote a new kind of habitability, such as self service or self generation of energy; of basic maintenance, with a minimal team of employees for cleaning and medical needs; and the virtual elimination of waste residue through communal hygienic facilities, classification of residue according to biodegradability, and use of clean energy sources.
    The goal of this shelter is to promote a new model of lodging in which tourists, with a minimum of luggage, can enjoy a clean, safe and economical place where they can spend a night and wake up around of the Citadel as well as enjoy, as part of their permanence- a trip inside the Maya’s Cultures in special museum incorporated inside the own Hostel.
    The contest is trying to promote the development of a forward thinking consciousness in as far as lodging; tourism and ecological culture are concerned so the knowledge produced through it may be used at a later for the development of a project initiative.
    The “Ecological Hostel” will have a basic plan that will occupy a built area of 1,500 square meters (16,145 square feet).

    These are the awards:
    1st PRIZE
    • An appearance on the German design magazine “Wettbewerbe Aktuell” ( on the TIKAL 2011 Contest, and particularly of the winning projects.
    • An appearance on the edition of Latin American architecture magazine “ARQ•: procesos”.
    • An appearance on the edition of Spanish magazine of architectural “FUTURE (”.

    2nd PRIZE

    3rd PRIZE

    START OF COMPETITION October 3rd, 2011
    ANSWERING OF QUERIES Replies updated on the website’s FAQ section during the competition
    SPECIAL REGISTRATION from October 3rd until October 17th, 2011
    EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION from October 18th until November 07th, 2011
    LATE REGISTRATION from November 08th until December 05th, 2011
    WINNERS ANNOUNCED December 19th, 2011


  6. Rooftops why not?

    October 15, 2011 by architectural competitions

    Roofs are spaces on the way of desertification.
    -Do the rooftops deserve any usage?
    This competition requires a functional and architectural consideration of any kind of roofs (flat roofs, sloped, gabled, rooftops… on towers, houses, blocks, urban centers …)
    The management of the space, usage, program or other new posibilities, are the main factors.

    -What uses are more convenient for a rooftop?
    -Which roofs are more interesting?
    -Who will be the user?
    -Where should it be located?
    -How large should it be?

  7. Academic Competition – Coworking Building (COB) Madrid 2011

    October 11, 2011 by architectural competitions

    all info at


    The purpose of this competition for students of architecture is to provide ideasfor creating a coworking Building (COB), in the city of Madrid, Spain, focusingon collaborative approaches, flexibility, connectivity,accessibility,
    sustainability and energy efficiency.


    Registration period: October 1st, 2011 to December 16th, 2011
    Deadline for Submissions of Proposals: January 20th, 2012
    Publication of the Results: March 1st, 2012


    4700 euros in cash + Publication of awarded projects in Arquitectura Viva
    magazine and WA Wettbewerbe Aktuell magazine + 1 year free subscription to
    Arquitectura Viva magazine and WA Wettbewerbe Aktuell magazine + Free
    subscription to arquideasnetwork + Exhibition all projects


    – Mr. Jordi Ludevid i Anglada, architect
    President of the Architect Associations Council of Spain (CSCAE)
    – Mrs. Martha Thorne, urbanist
    Executive Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize
    – Mr. Juan Antonio González Pérez, architect
    Associate Professor of Projects at ETSA Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    – Mrs. Beatriz Matos, architect
    Project Professor at Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM)
    – Mrs. Cristina Sánchez Rodríguez, student of architecture
    winner’s team representative of the TAP Santorini 2011 academic

    More information and Bases

    Thank you for the diffusion of the contest notice.

    Thank you very much,
    Arquideas Team

  8. THINK SPACE – Moral Borders

    October 7, 2011 by architectural competitions

    THINK SPACE – Moral Borders just opened

    Imperfect Duty: Affordable utopias

    The fourth international architectural competition within Think Space programme
    Brief devised by Mr. Hrvoje Njiric

    The Zagreb Society of Architects is launching the fourth and the last competition for this year’s Think Space cycle – Moral Borders. For this year’s annual cycle, the main theme connecting all four competitions is Borders

    Devised by Hrvoje Njirić, founder of Zagreb based njiric+ arhitekti, the architectural studio of international fame and visiting professor at architectural schools worldwide, Moral borders competition challenges contestants to radically examine the present day conditions by going beyond the stereotypes, patterns and typologies that have proven their inoperability, while exercising their own imperfect duties of civic agents in search of morally diverse frameworks of affordable utopias.

    The higher the buildings, the lower the morals.
    Noel Coward, English playwright (1899-1973)

    The escalation of the market economy in the recent decades has resulted with a complete exclusion of architects as credible civic agents. „The Faustian bargain“, as Koolhaas puts it, accepted widely by the architects themselves, has promoted them into the members of the star-system and their work has gained the media presence indeed, but it’s creators became more and more eliminated from the decision-making and their public role significantly diminished.

    If we want to think about architecture as the social project today, it requires some support, more than ever. If we tend to believe it is possible to reinstall it, there are some questions to be answered. How to recreate any form of idealism as a necessary prerequisite, even if it is provisional, simulated or temporary? What forces can we mobilize to improve the weak impact on the public sector? How to regain the trust of the society? How to treat vague moral borders of our discipline? And finally, how to articulate the first utopias of the 21st century and how plausible can they be?
    Hrvoje Njiric

    Submission deadline for Moral Borders is
    28 October 2011 (Fri), 12:00, CET – Central European Time.

    There is an early participation fee of 220 HRK / 30 EUR until 4 October 2011.
    From 5 to 28 October 2011 participation fee will be 330 HRK / 45 EUR.

    1. prize: 1000 EUR
    2. prize: 700 EUR
    3. prize: 350 EUR

    All winners will be granted with ORIS pack:
    Annual subscription to ORIS Magazine – for Culture and Architecture
    Free Admission to Days of ORIS
    International Architectural Symposium
    Last weekend of October 2011 in Zagreb
    Participant’s Kit includes all the necessary information about this particular contest.

    All the entries form the previous competition Ecological Borders have been published in our gallery. Please take a look at award winning works, and read the juror’s comments!
    We look forward to your submissions!

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    Think Space
    a cycle of concept degree architectural competitions

    a platform for spatial experimentation and exchange of conceptual ideas

    a network of progressive thinkers, beyond cultural, geographic or institutional borders

    Ms Eva Franch i Gilabert
    Guest Curator
    Storefront for Art and Architecture

    Mr. Hrvoje Njirić
    Moral Borders
    njiric+ arhitekti

    An Exercise on Imperfect Duty:
    Affordable utopias
    About the Think Space programme

    The Think Space program aims to bring together world renown and established figures with emerging voices (students and professionals) within the fields of architecture, landscape, design, the arts and the humanities.

    The guest curator in the very first cycle – Ms Eva Franch i Gilabert, director of the Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York prepared the annual theme Borders. The main theme is observed through four different scenarios [geopolitical, ecological, urban and moral] in order to establish an overarching line of inquiry that highlights the concerns of contemporary society. Simultaneously allowing different degrees of exploration, this competition goes back to the conceptual space for the establishment of difference: the Border.

    The four competitions developed under the theme of Borders, aim to produce a catalogue of contemporary conditions in social, political and cultural spheres in need of architectural alternatives. The international jurors define the competition briefs for participants:
    Urban Borders: Shohei Shigematsu
    Geopolitical Borders: Teddy Cruz
    Ecological Borders: François Roche
    Moral Borders: Hrvoje Njiric
    All the entries form the previous competition Urban Borders, Geopolitical and Ecological Borders have been published in our gallery. Please take a look at award winning works, and read the juror’s comments!