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March, 2012

  1. MA PRIZE 2012: Green Dwelling

    March 30, 2012 by architectural competitions

    Modern Atlanta (MA) is pleased to announce the second annual MA Prize competition. The 2012 MA Prize entries will be carefully selected by a prestigious international jury of practicing designers and scholars and will be displayed at this year’s MA12 “Design in Human Week” in Atlanta.

    This year the prize calls for designers to submit projects that critically consider today’s notions of sustainability as applied to the modern dwelling. This award aims to highlight projects of all scales, that showcase a critical investigation into sustainable design practices in the home as well as projects that thoughtfully deal with the unique geographical, social, political or cultural conditions.

    All entries will be reviewed by an international jury panel and winners will be announced in May. The first prize winner will be awarded $1000 USD and the second prize winner $500 USD. In addition to the prize winners twelve honorable mentions will be selected. Prize winning entries and honorable mentions will be exhibited during the Design is Human Week 2012 event to be held from 1st to 10th June 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Schedule and eligibility
    March 15 2012 – Competition Announcement
    March 22 2012 – Deadline for Question
    March 26 2012 – Answers to Questions Published
    April 1 2012 – Deadline for Early Registration/Project Submission
    May 1 2012 – Deadline for Regular Registration/Project Submission
    May 21 2012 – Winner Announcement
    June 1 2012 – Exhibition of Selected Projects at Design is Human Week 2012

    Please visit for additional information and to learn more about MA and the annual Design is Human Week event.

  2. NEXT LANDMARK Floornature International Architecture Competition

    March 28, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The NEXT LANDMARK Floornature International Architecture Contest sheds light on new projects by young architects to offer them the visibility they deserve and a chance at international success. By promoting new projects and concepts in contemporary living, NEXT LANDMARK aims to offer new architects an ethical opportunity with a declared interest in promoting the community and to uncover talented new architects of the future.
    The competition is open to young designers (architects, engineers, landscape architects, urban planners) all over the world who graduated after January 1, 2000, offering young architects an opportunity to submit their work online with no entry fee by simply registering for the dedicated mini-website
    Prizes will be presented to projects and studies meeting the requirements of originality and eco-sustainability and all ideas emphasising the relationship between people, architecture and land.
    The prizes will be presented during the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, during an evening event showcasing the winning projects and architects.

    The NEXT LANDMARK Floornature International Architecture Contest is divided into two categories:

    – Debut work, open to built architectural projects completed by young architects.
    – Research, open to unbuilt urban redevelopment projects, ideal buildings, graduating theses and theoretical reflection on contemporary living.
    The international panel of professionals judging the competition will select 1 winner in each section to be awarded a 3-day trip to Venice for the Biennale opening, exhibition of their projects in an event held during the Biennale and publication on the web portal of the project and a video interview with the architect.
    There will also be 2 special mentions in each section, which will be exhibited in the event held during the Architecture Biennale and promoted on the portal with publication of information on the projects and a joint video interview with the four winners of special mentions.

    DEADLINE: June 30, 2012

    More information can you find on website:

  3. Landscape, Architecture & Wine architecture students competition

    March 26, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The aim of the present architecture students competition Landscape, Architecture & Wine is to contribute innovative ideas to the, increasingly common, strategy of opening wineries to tourism and to their immediate surroundings, thus providing new experiences for the visitor.

    Registration Period opens: March 1 st, 2012
    Consultation Period opens: March 1 st, 2012
    Early Registration Period Deadline: April 13 rd, 2012
    Registration Period Deadline: May 31 st, 2012
    Deadline for Consultations: May 31 st, 2012
    Projects Submission Deadline: July 2 nd, 2012
    Publication of the Results: August 6 th, 2012
    Virtual Exhibition: August 6 th, 2012


    5100 euros in cash + Publication of awarded projects in WA Wettbewerbe Aktuell magazine  + 1 year free subscription to WA Wettbewerbe Aktuell magazine + 1 year free subscription to EL CROQUIS magazine + 1 year free subscription to 2G magazine.

    The winner or person that represents the winner team will take part of the Jury in the next academic competition.

    All the projects will be exhibed in


    • Mrs. Martha Thorne  Executive Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize
    • Mrs. Benedetta Tagliabue Director of the architecture office Miralles Tagliabue-EMBT
    • Mr. Fernando Marquez Cecilia Editor in chief of the internacional architecture magazine EL CROQUIS
    • Mrs. Maria Urrutia Ybarra Board Member and Marketing Director of Bodegas CVNE
    • Mrs. Sara Ouass Chemlal Winner of the Coworking Building (COB) Madrid academic competition

    More information and Bases here.

  4. MEDS 2012 LJUBLJANA – international student workshop competition

    March 25, 2012 by architectural competitions


    MEDS – Meeting of design students – is an international association developed by and for design students from different European countries. It was founded in 2010 with an aim to bring together European students of architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, graphic design, etc. to work on the same project on an international level and explore practical world of designing.
    With this idea MEDS organizes an annual event, usually lasting ten days, which takes place each summer in a different European city.
    The main goal of MEDS is to share international experiences and knowledge to generate new and fresh ideas, to enrich the city in which the workshop takes place, and as a participant to become part of something bigger; an exciting and dynamic design community.

    Every year organizers choose a theme of workshop that is related to the hosting city. Event’s workshop, exhibition, lectures and social events are designed around the theme, allowing participants to gain a deeper understanding of the ideas driving the projects.

    WORKSHOP 2012:
    sensABILITY – LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA (5.-17.8.2012)

    The five senses are fundamental to our everyday perceptions of the world. Designers strive to stimulate feelings and emotions based on people’s reactions to their senses in a particular environment. Unfortunately, in contemporary culture we are sensually biased: visual qualities predominate.
    sensABILITY aims to free the participant from this visually driven world.
    Workshops will strive to liberate our sense of touch, sound, smell and potentially even taste, to give us a richer understanding and appreciation of the designed world around us.
    There are many accessories designed to help and guide us through the city, causing us to become passive in attitude and less aware of the space that surrounds us. Traffic lights, zebra crossings and pavements have made it almost unnecessary for pedestrians to observe each other. Let’s change this and regenerate our senses!


    MEDS workshop is available for all students of design across Europe and beyond. MEDS 2012 in Ljubljana is limited to 7 students per country; participants will be chosen based on a poster competition before the workshop and tutors are chosen based on a project competition.
    The capacity of MEDS 2012 workshop will be increased to 250 students from 30 European countries. Students will be accommodated in the center of Ljubljana, where workshop will be held.


    A tutor is the author of one of the workshop proposals selected for realization by the MEDS Team.
    We have 2 types of tutors:

    – students of architecture and design
    – graduated architects or designers – normally they are invited to be the tutors by MEDS team

    Each student or graduated architect/designer can apply as a tutor.
    Tutor has to make a proposal based on selected theme and send it to by April 23rd 2012.
    MEDS team will choose the best ideas and announce them as winning projects.
    Tutor’s obligation is to make a presentation of his project and represent it at the conference at the beginning of the workshop. After that other participants will split into groups, on the basis of the project they like the most.

    Proposal could be anything which contains design disciplines and would take two weeks of working. The main aim is to produce an installation in open space, through which participants will familiarize themselves with new materials and skills, constructing real project.
    Meanwhile there will be also small workshops not based on construction, like graphic design, photography, multimedia, fashion, etc. You can propose a workshop which will offer new skills in other design disciplines.
    MEDS team will choose approximately 15 installations projects and 3 non construction-based workshops.
    What we are interested in, is your idea of potential project, which will be developed during the workshop in co-operation with participants.


    If you would like to participate in MEDS 2012 in Ljubljana as a participant representing your country, or as a tutor, we ask you to submit an image reflecting upon the theme of sensABILITY.
    Through the making of this image you will grasp the essence of MEDS 2012 and become even more excited and impatient about the moment when you will find yourself in Ljubljana, surrounded by hundreds of students of a similar thinking, all itching to begin their workshops and explore new ideas and concepts with you, a fellow participant.

    If you want to become a tutor or participant, please read more information in Participation and Tutor pack.


    MEDS operates in countries all over Europe with a help of National Contacts. They are the ones, who are responsible for every year’s selection of participants. You will send all required files to the National Contact of the country where you study.
    National Contacts will also help you with all the information about MEDS workshop that could be useful to you.


    The cost of the workshop is €200 and it includes:

    – accommodation
    – breakfast and dinner
    – construction materials
    – lectures
    – trips, entrance fees…

    Participants and tutors will need to pay the registration fee of €50 by June 15th 2012. The rest of the fee has to be paid before the beginning of the workshop.
    If for some reason the participant decides not to collaborate on a workshop, registration fee will not be
    All information about the process of payment will be announced after the results of poster competition, that is after May 21st 2012.


    23.4.2012 – deadline of project competition for becoming a tutor
    30.4.2012 – announcement of the winning projects and their tutors
    14.5.2012 – deadline of poster competition for becoming a participant
    21.5.2012 – announcement of poster competition winners
    15.6.2012 – tutors and participants have to pay registration fee, €50
    5.8.2012 – the beginning of the workshop – the rest of the fee has to be paid.

    For more information, go to:

  5. reSITE / Skanska Design Contest

    March 23, 2012 by architectural competitions

    A new international idea competition is announced by reSITE Festival, ARCHIP (Architectural Institute in Prague) and Skanska, to find new conceptions and proposals for the River Vltava, in Prague, Czech Republic.

    “We want a visionary proposal from a diverse group of competitors for the future of the river. The jurors will look for a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates landscape architecture, urbanism, architecture, art, urban ecology and other fields. This is how the modern urban project should be” says Martin Barry, Fulbright Scholar and Director of reSITE Festival. Regina Loukotová, the Rector of ARCHIP adds: “The competition, both for students and professionals, can contribute significant benefits to the City of Prague – specific conceptions and strategies. A simple and clearly described idea might clarify even a complex and complicated problem. An external view might help us to see the relationship between the city and the river in a different perspective.”

    The scope of the competition is the Vltava riverbank and its immediate context from Libensky Most (Bridge) to the north to Zeleznicni most (Railway Bridge) to the south. This section of the river has really various character and quality on both riverbanks, which gives competitors a chance to select and work on a wide scope of places and areas. The proposals should use existing potential of the Vltava river, define its connection with the city – and lead to creation of attractive public spaces of adequate scale, living by variety of activities.

    Winners of the competition are to get financial prizes of 3000 €, 2000 €, 1000 €, donated by the main sponsor, Skanska company. Its represent Lucie Nováková says: “We decided to support this project from a number of reasons. Protecting of the environment and the reduction of any possible negative impact on the environment as a result of our construction activities form an integral part of Skanska’s corporate strategy. ReSITE motivates the general public and professionals to reflect on the current view of the city. And points out that everything can be done sensitively and within the principles of sustainable development. It is also our goal. Therefore, we consider cooperation between Skanska and reSITE as meaningful and very beneficial for both.”

    The international competition in anonymous and open to all interested parties, regardless of age or profession. An entry can be submitted by an individual, a company, or a team. The projects will be judged in two rounds, the winners will be chosen by an international jury, composed of renowned professionals like Kate Orff, Alexandros Washburn, Jakub Cigler, Adam Gebrian, Igor Kovačević or Jan Skalický.

    Competition regulations and complete brief plus material are available at Registration is free of charge.
    Entries in English language are to be sent only in digital form – the deadline is Monday, May 14, 2012.

    The Skanska: Bridging Prague Award is a part of the inaugural reSITE Festival, an international event taking place in Prague in May 21–27. Its committed to interdisciplinary design collaboration to make cities more livable. The Festival will be centered on a two-day conference and supported by dozens of independently organized events. The spotlight of reSITE is the future of Vltava riverfront and the whole city of Prague, urban mobility and public spaces. reSITE is being organized by an American landscape architect Martin Barry, Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor at FA CTU, Partnership Foundation and Architectural Institute in Prague, an international private college.

    For more information re reSITE_Skanska Bridging Prague Competition, please contact:
    Lenka Šubrtová | reSITE PR |+420 602 213 814 |

  6. Troldtekt Award 2012

    March 21, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The concept competition for the Troldtekt Award involves incorporating Troldtekt into an architectural project in a completely new and original way. And the focus need not necessarily be on acoustics. The project can describe the proposal from small scale to large scale. The competition is open – the only condition is that Troldtekt is incorporated in a key and innovative way. In other words, participants can choose to impose colours, shapes, their imagination or something completely different on the Troldtekt products. The assignment is a concept competition and is therefore not restricted by the cost of realising the proposal in practice.

    • Architectural and design students can participate in the concept competition.

    • The objective is to use Troldtekt in the most original, creative and imaginative context.

    • There is no requirement that the proposal focuses on acoustics.

    • All participants must register via by 1 April 2012 at the latest.

    • The final deadline for uploading proprosals electronically is 1 May 2012.

    • Three competetion proposals will be nominated, and the winning project will be awarded a prize of EUR 5,000.

    Read more details at


    March 19, 2012 by architectural competitions

    CityVision Architecture Competition is an annual competition held by the homonymous magazine of architecture CityVision Magazine that invites architects, designers, students, artists and creatives to develop urban and visionary proposals with the aim of stimulating new ideas for the contemporary city.
    All through innovative ideas and methodologies that can improve the connection between the historical, contemporary and future city vocation, thus promoting a positive evolution of the critical architectural historiography.

    Globalization, environmental concerns, new economic and cultural politics, adaptability to the existing context combined with the use of vibrant ideas, original technologies and new softwares for representation are some of the key elements that should be taken into account to formulate the most original project proposal.

    New York CityVision is the fourth international ideas competition launched by CityVision. The competition wants you to imagine New York in its future if the manipulation of the urban context and its architectural objects, joined with its inhabitants, will be influenced by SPACE and TIME.

    The New York ideas will be judged by an international jury which will have as president Joshua Prince-Ramus, founder of the office REX and again Eva Franch i Gilabert, Roland Snooks, Shohei Shigematsu, Alessandro Orsini and Mitchell Joachim, all of whom are distingueshed by the large experimentation willingness in their work. Inside this issue you will have the opportunity to virtually meet some of them, their ideas and their philosophies and to have a look to their work’s images.

    Now, we officially launch New York CityVision Competition! Let’s start with the proposals, we expect only to be surprised by your creativity!


    Architects, engineers, designers, students and creatives are invited to take part in this competition. Temporary groups are allowed especially if they are multi skilled. Being multi skilled is an important characteristic because it can help to understand and to better represent a global vision of the project.

    Participants can register at
    – until April 9th, 2012 with a fee of 50€ (early registration deadline)
    – until  June 4th, 2012 with a fee of 70€ (late registration deadline)


    1st place € 2.000
    2nd place € 1.000
    and 6 Honorable Mentions.
    The prizes for the winners will be paid via Paypal.

    There is an entry limit of one proposal per individual/team and there is no limit to the number of participants per group.
    After your registration CITYVISION will provide by email, within 48 hours, a registration number which must be included on all entry panels.

    Here can you find more info

  8. First Architectural Contest

    March 17, 2012 by architectural competitions

    This contest reach to increase the value of degraded town areas, which waiting just a smart idea to become likable urban places.

    We choose no subject that will be built up for real. Also we focus in a short time the project period. That allow participants to go in for just creativity, and no spent so much time and crafts.
    Contest’s subject shall not released before the registrations end, ’cause the contest itself lasts only one weekend. Then, projects must be delivered 72 hours after the subject release.

    Performing projects is something made by power and responsibility. The “game appareance” of the challenge is not a way to underestimate the force of projecting, rather a way to take back the funny and pleasant side of it.
    A game capable to offer a bunch of ideas to the audience, showing up how different (maybe better?) could be the places we living.
    Officina06 is solemn committed to set up expositions of the best projects on the very same places they’re designed about.
    It’s a kind of taunt. And if it worth just to sensitize public awareness, well, it would be enough.
    In the end, the aim of “Architectural Challenge” is to create a round table not for discussing, but for taking action in order to support young professionals, granting the most deserving of them, and demonstrate there is not lack of passions and ideas. The goal is that, by confronting ego and creativity of the participants, a positive and constructive challenge can be created. Above all, the aim is create the opportunity to express creativity, passion and have fun by making new projects.

    01-02-2012 Registration Opening
    11-05-2012 – 12 pm Registration dead-line and subject publication
    14-05-2012 – 12 pm Project delivery
    25-05-2012 Results publication

    Download the full regulation on

  9. [BUENOS AIRES] New Contemporary Art Museum

    March 12, 2012 by architectural competitions

    A Contemporary Art Museum is a building or space for the exhibition of art, usually visual art. Paintings and scupltures are the most commonly displayed art objects; however, drawings, collages, prints, photographs and installation art including other artistic activities, such as performance art, land’art, web art to name a few are also regularly shown. Contemporary art can broadly be defined as art produced at this point in time (now) or after World War II. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and is located on the western shore of the estuary of the Río de la Plata. It has a population of approximately 13 million (thirteen million), which makes it one of the biggest cities in South America – a cosmopolitan metropolis, known for its rich cultural life and is considered the capital of the tango. Being an important economic center, its architecture is a combination of different styles which gives it a unique architectural beauty.


    The aim of this International Competition is to design a New Contemporary Art Museum in the Heart of Buenos Aires. The architecture of this new building should reflect contemporary design tendencies. The proposal must not only attend to the specific function but the design should also take into consideration the urban insertion and its impact. This Competition hopes to achieve the following: _Encourage and reward design excellence which integrates function and structure within the art world. _Research, respond to and highlight the unique aspects of designing an original Contemporary Art Museum. _To generate the discussion of ideas regarding the functionality of an art exibition space. _Encourage the employment of sustainable design in all aspects of the proposal.


    This is a single stage Competition with the aim of identifing the most appropriate proposal, which best satisfies the general and specific objectives of the contest.

    US $5,400 Total

    Please visit our website:

    Become Fan on Facebook:

  10. ONE Lab: Future Cities Summer 2012

    March 12, 2012 by architectural competitions

    ONE Lab: Future Cities Summer 2012 | NY School for Design + Science

    Open, International

    New York City, USA



    The studio will be offered in two levels, one for professional designers and students enrolled in professional schools or departments of design, the other for students and individuals of varied experience and background. All workshops are beginner level and no previous knowledge or experience is required.

    Terreform ONE is now accepting applications for ONE LAB: Future Cities Summer 2012. All candidates are asked to submit their application materials on-line. To review material requirements, visit:

    The deadline for applications is Tuesday, May 15, 2012. Students attending the seminars series only do not need to apply.

    Monday, July 9, 20120 – Friday, August 3, 2012

    The top ten candidates will receive scholarships up to 50% of the tuition.

    Socio-Ecological Exploration of the Future Metropolis

    ONE Lab Summer 2012 on Future Cities will address the emerging discipline of global urbaneering by assembling a wide range of innovators from fields as diverse as architecture, material science, urban design, biology, civil engineering and media art.

    ONE Lab provides a unique opportunity for students to learn from internationally recognized scientists, renowned designers and artists. This summer approximately 40 researchers will gather in New York City for four weeks of intense creative and scientific exploration.

    ONE Lab: Future Cities Summer 2012 will feature a Design Studio, Future Cities Seminars and Future Cities Workshops to rethink the possibilities for urban life in our metropolis hereafter.

    Design Studio

    Four weeks and 100 hours of intense exploration of the future of the city. Using New York as a laboratory, the studio will rethink what is salubrious about the city, in both its forms and its life. We will base our investigations on one illuminating hypothesis: in the future New York will grow to be self-sufficient in its critical necessities.

    Future Cities Seminars

    40 hours of TED style talks given by distinguished architects, engineers, biologists, ecologists, industrial designers, physicists and artists offering radically new responses to the real needs and aspirations of future cities.

    Future Cities Workshops

    In four workshops participants will learn the processes of biotechnology (including technologies such as genetic engineering, tissue culture, and cloning), growing materials, grafting trees and plants, scripting and computational modeling for controlled growth.


    Maria Aiolova, LEED AP, Terreform ONE

    Mitchell Joachim, PhD, Tefferorm ONE


    Vito Acconci, Acconci Studio

    David Benjamin, The Living

    Anna Dyson, CASE RPI

    Martina Decker, Decker Yeadon

    Dickson Despommier, PhD, The Vertical Farm

    Alexander Felson, PhD, Yale

    Marc Fornes, TheVeryMany

    Ellen Jorgensen, PhD, Genspace

    Graham Hill, Treehugger

    Marni Horwitz, Alive Structures

    Christian Hubert, Hubert Studio

    Marcin Jakubowski, PhD, Open Source Ecology

    Natalie Jeremijenko, PhD, NYU

    Janna Levin, Barnard Columbia University

    Kaja Kuehl, Youarethecity

    Mary Mattingly, Waterpod

    Walter Meyer, Local Office Landscape

    Oliver Medvedik, PhD, Genspace

    Amanda Parkes, PhD, Bodega Algae

    James Patten, PhD, Patten Studio

    Nina Tandon, PhD, Columbia University

    Skylar Tibbits, MIT, SJET

    Bill Washabaugh, Hypersonic

    Visit ONE Lab for more information regarding program and workshop details, research, faculty and tuition:

    Organized by: Terreform ONE