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June, 2012

  1. 14th Shelter International Architectural Design Competition for Students 2012

    June 29, 2012 by architectural competitions

    Shelter Corporation of Japan invites under-graduate or post-graduate students at universities or at tertiary institutions (including: junior colleges, colleges of technology, and other relevant vocational schools) as of November 17, 12, to participate in their annual Student Architectural design Competition.

    This year’s theme is “Big Tree Paradigm”  Akihisa Hirata

    Ancient trees have an almost magnetic attractiveness that is beyond description. This attractiveness may derive from the mighty forms of the trunk and branches, or from traces of the times that the tree has passed through – such as part of tree being dead after being struck by lightning. Or, it may be from the way that a tree interacts with the environment and creatures around it – which we can call its microcosm.

    The reasons for the attractiveness of such big trees are countless – as are the number of people who claim to know the reasons.

    For this competition, design a house that has an attractive quality that is somehow similar to the attractiveness of big trees. It is not necessary that the house imitates the shape of trees. Rather, it is good if the idea starts from the attractiveness of big trees and develops into an unpredictable outcome – the form does not need to look like a tree at all. Most importantly, I wish the outcome to have a vivacity that could not have been achieved by conceiving the design within the boundaries of conventional “architecture”.

    The main structure should be in wood. Other criteria such as size, context, residents etc, can be decided by the designer. I expect a fresh idea that goes beyond existing ways of thinking, and that shows us a possible future – with the cue concept being that of a big tree.

    I expect imaginative, brilliant proposals.

    Registration Deadline: September 28, 2012
    • Postmark Deadline: September 28, 2012
    • Received by Deadline: September 28, 2012

    More information can be found by following the link below:

  2. Imaging Detroit / MODCaR

    June 27, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Culture and Representation(MODCaR) is holding an unprecedented 48-hour exhibition, screening and discussion event – in Detroit, on Detroit – that will assemble an exemplary collection of film, video, and visual media exploring the city’s manufactured meanings.

    The event, Imaging Detroit, is an open collection and a contemporary anthology of Detroit’s local and global image that will include:
    – Projected media in a number of categories: low-tech short shorts, short, medium-length, and feature
    – A breadth of topical photographic work on the City of Detroit
    – Invited DJs (discourse jockeys) to moderate diverse and lively discussion

    The Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Cultural and Representation is a nomadic research organization predicated on the idea that urban experience is conditioned by images. We study how images of cities are produced, diffused, and perceived. We understand that image-making patterns are unstable, semantically charged, and that the representation of place may precede or surpass aspirations toward authoritative transcription. Our charge is to explore visual narratives at the national and international scale and to render explicit the complex relationship between experience, the constructed image, meaning and the public. Proposals are due August 3rd. Final submissions will be given on September 1st.

    Proposals are due August 3rd.
    Final submissions due on September 1, 2012

    More information: 

  3. Baricentrale Railway Corridor International Design Competition

    June 25, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The city of Bari (Italy) invites International professionals to design a major transformation of the city’s central areas. The reorganization of the railway and transportation systems and the acquisition of the Caserma Rossani by the Municipality offer unique occasions for the redefinition of the relationship between the old and modern city, reducing the historic separation caused by the presence of the rail yards and tracks. This is the starting point for a project that will be implemented in phases over the next years with the contribution of the public and private sectors and with the participation of public opinion; in any case, it is a project that needs to begin from a unitary vision of the future role that this urban hinge can play for the entire city of Bari.

    The project site covers an area of 78 hectares over a length of 3 km. To move towards a concrete implementation process, the area of the master plan called for in the competition has been divided into six sectors, each with distinct urban characteristics and management prospects. In the very immediate future, however, the City Council is planning to embark upon a program for a seventh sector in order to transform the Caserma Rossani area into a park and center for the city’s cultural and economic life.

    It is a restricted two-phase ideas competition in which competitors will be selected based on their resumes of prior experience and work. The first phase is an open selection procedure and consists in the receipt of expressions of interest for selection and subsequent admission to the competition phase for a maximum of 10 shortlisted participants.

    A total of € 230.000,00 is available for prizes and reimbursements. 1st Prize: € 50.000.
    Each of the remaining participants, will receive €20.000,00.

    08.06.2012 : Publication of Competion notice
    22.08.2012 : Submission of candidature to first phase

    Competition website:

  4. National Aeronautics & Space Centre Tower (NASC)

    June 24, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The program challenges participants to design a NEW National Aeronautics and Space Center (NASC) Tower in the emirate of Dubai to be used as the mission control tower for space shuttle launches and also other observation and discovery missions. The proposed structure should have individual identity and a signature appearance on the Dubai landscape. The proposal should consider the following spaces but participants are free to decide on the ration, size structure of tower and location of the Project: Control’s Technical, Administration and Office, Research, Observation, Social, Circulation, Services, Access.

    It is the organiser’s intention for this stage (Stage 1) of the competition to be as design constraints free as possible to allow competitors’ ideas for the chosen site and designs to be as creative and test the boundaries of what is possible. However exciting and challenging the creative opportunity presented within such few parameters may be, it is equally important that any proposal exhibit an amount of functionality and viability.

    Standard Registration: $150 US from 19th June 12:00 (GMT) to 20th July 2012 11:59 (GMT)
    SUMBMISSION DEADLINE: 04th September 2012
    Awards: Winning participants and Triumphant Mentions will receive prizes totaling US$ 12,000.00

    More information:



  5. Daegu Gosan Public Library

    June 22, 2012 by architectural competitions

    This competition is an architectural design competition for the realization of the Gosan Library in Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City Library which is expected to start construction in 2013. The purpose of the competition is to seek a wide range of ideas from experts from both Korea and overseas along with student groups in order to build a sustainable public library that can accommodate the recent changes in various knowledge transmission media as well as changes in library user demographics. This is in keeping with Daegu Metropolitan City’s new policy direction, which the city is aiming toward, of becoming a knowledge based economy from its past as a distribution based city. We expect that it will develop the quality of the small-scale community for local residents who are based in the regional community of Daegu, and ultimately we hope that through this, prospective discussion on the nature of building local community public libraries in Korea will have the chance to grow.

    Competition Assignment Outline
    – Location: 571-1, Shinmae-dong, Suseong-gu Daegu Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea
    – Site Area: 2,080 ㎡
    – Construction Size : Maximum 1 floor underground, 4 floors above-ground Total floor area 3,100 ㎡
    – Building Cost: KRW \7,800,000,000
    *Total floor area may be increased or decreased up to around 5% according to the designer.

    – Registration period: From May 31, 2012 to July 30, 2012
    – Registration fee: USD $80 (KRW \90,000)
    Bank charges will be paid by the participant.

    Scheduled dates and Deadlines
    – May 2012: Competition opens
    – June 30: Deadline for inquiry receipt
    – July 15: Answers to inquiries (homepage and e-mail)
    – July 30: Deadline for Registration
    – Sept 10: Deadline for submission of works
    (The postal seal date should be no later than September 10 AND the works should arrive until September 20)
    – Sept 24-28: Jury
    – Sept 29: Announcement of results
    – Oct 10: Award ceremony
    – Oct 10-16: Exhibition

    More info

  6. The future of architecture

    June 20, 2012 by architectural competitions

    “The future of” is a participatory book project initiated by which tries to provide an insight into the future role of architecture.
    Every architectural attempt starts by making a representation of an imaginative situation or design, which will happen, or could happen in the future. In many cases an architectural design remains a future plan, and in times of economical and political crisis, the question of what comes next gains relevance. So, while architects shape the future, this book is concerning about the future of architecture. In order to create an answer which reflects the contemporary architectural thinking, the book has been divided into two chapters.

    The first part consists of the answers given by a selection of very interesting and innovative architectural offices, thinkers and historians, amongst them: Marjetica Potrc, 2012 architecten, Aristide Antonas, Something fantastic, Ethel Baraona, Rotor, and many more. They have answered the simple but complex question, “What is the future of architecture?” and supply a professional and experienced perspective.

    The second chapter is still open, and is up to the public to complete. By formatting the same question “What is the future of architecture?” into an open call, where one can participate and submit their own answer, an alternative approach to the same question is formed.

    The end result will we a fragmented map of thoughts of hundreds of people that study or deal, in general, with architecture. Putting together the pieces of this map, we might be able to discover a glimpse of the future of architecture.

    Submit your answer until the 30th of August.

    To participate with this project, please send your answer through the website

  7. ReSpace Competition

    June 18, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The Competition challenges participants to “Design a small, unique, and transportable structure with reuse materials at the core, from concept to construction.” This competition is an opportunity to showcase how reuse materials enhance the quality of a built structure.
    “Design must be thoughtful, deliberate, and inspired at all scales…The use of salvaged or reuse materials adds another layer to this experience, a connection to the past… ” ‐ Paul J. Lipchak, AIA, AICP, Director of AIA Triangle Young Architects Forum

    The grand prize winner receives $1,000 and a chance to see their design come to life. The winning design will be constructed in a 48 hour build overseen by Habitat for Humanity Wake County using materials from their Raleigh ReStore. A total of $3,000 in awards will be presented to multiple winners. The final ReSpace structure will be sold and proceeds will benefit Habitat for Humanity of Wake County.
    “Designing with reused materials turns the entire process on its head. You have to start in the middle, by seeing what materials are available. Then you figure out what you can create.” ‐ Joel Lubell, Habitat for Humanity of Wake County
    The competition is presented by American Institute of Architects Triangle Section, Raleigh Chapter of Architecture for Humanity and Habitat for Humanity of Wake County’s ReStore. The three organizations hope to educate people about reuse building materials while showcasing creative and successful small space designs inspired by their use.

    To participate you must registration online: May 15, 2012 – June 15, 2012 Submissions are due: August 15, 2012
    Winners Announced at SPARKcon: September 13‐16, 2012
    48‐Hour build of Grand Finalist: January 2013

    For more information, or to register, visit

  8. Transforming Seattle’s 520 Floating Bridge

    June 17, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The Transforming Seattle’s 520 Floating Bridge 2012 International Design Ideas Competition is challenging the design and art communities to envision new, innovative reuse strategies for Seattle’s 520 floating bridge, which will be decommissioned in 2014. The Competition seeks design proposals which either utilize the bridge in its current state or take the bridge apart and reuse its pontoons. It asks the questions: What is a floating bridge when its function is no longer needed? What can designers do when faced with the design problem of reusing thirty-three floating concrete pontoons?

    June 5, 2012                           Competition Announcement; Early Registration Begins; Inquiry Period Begins
    July 5, 2012                             End of Early Registration
    July 20, 2012                           Inquiry Deadline
    August 10, 2012                      Registration Closes
    August 15, 2012                      Submissions Due
    September 21, 2012                Awards Announced at Seattle Design Festival and on Website
    Sept. 18 – Oct. 26, 2012         Public Exhibition in AIA Seattle Gallery; Virtual Exhibition Launched

    The Transforming Seattle’s 520 Floating Bridge 2012 International Design Ideas Competition will be awarding a total of $6,000 in cash prizes.* Each submittal is only eligible for one award.

    First Place – $3,000
    Second Place – $1,500
    Third Place – $500
    Best Student Entry – $500
    5 Honorable Mentions – $100 each

    The Competition has no authority to award a design contract for this project. It is an ideas competition with the intent only to promote innovation and discussion. The competition is in no way linked to the Washington State Department of Transportation or any other controlling government agency.

    More information on

  9. Satamalahti Architecture Competition

    June 15, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The City of Mikkeli is organising a public two-stage architecture ideas competition for the area of Satamalahti.

    The purpose of the competition is to increase the density of Mikkeli’s city structure by designing a new model area for ecological construction, extending the city centre to the Lake Saimaa shoreline. The competition will help to create a new image/brand of Mikkeli as a city on the shore of Lake Saimaa, fulfilling the city’s strategic aim of being a “Growth centre for modern services on the shore of Lake Saimaa”.

    A public international two-stage architecture competition

    I phase 22.5.2012 – 1.10.2012
    II phase 19.11.2012 – 31.1.2013


    1ST PRIZE €80,000
    2ND PRIZE €60,000
    3RD PRIZE €40,000
    PURCHASES 2 X €20,000


    The first stage of the competition begins on 22.5.2012
    Competition seminar 15.6.2012.
    Submission of questions regarding the competition 3.8.2012
    Answers to questions regarding the competition by 3.9.2012
    The first stage of the competition ends on 1.10.2012

    The entries in the first stage of the competition are uploaded on the competition website on 12.11.2012

    The second stage of the competition begins on 19.11.2012
    The second stage of the competition ends on 31.1.2013

    More information 

  10. Raise the Roost

    June 13, 2012 by architectural competitions

    We challenge YOU to design and build a chicken coop for an urban residential garden that integrates creativity, functionality and the innovative use of low-cost, reclaimed materials.

    Food security and access to healthy affordable food in urban areas is one of the world’s biggest problems and is on the rise. The United States does not escape this reality, nor does Seattle.

    Raising chickens for eggs can be a lifeline where affordable, healthy food is difficult to access. Caring for chickens provides valuable educational opportunities for children and adults alike to connect to where food comes from while inspiring self-sufficiency. Chickens are low cost to maintain and can also provide the nutrients needed for an entire vegetable garden to thrive.

    Building or obtaining an appropriate coop can be a significant hurdle for urban residents.

    Please help us “Raise the Roost” while raising the bar for what design can do to support self-sufficiency and food security. All entry fees go to benefit Seattle Youth Garden Works, a transformative urban agriculture employment training program for homeless and underserved youth.
    Competition Launch : May 24, 2012
    On-line Registration Due: Friday, June 29, 2012, 5:00 pm

    More information