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October, 2012

  1. ADA 2012 – Architecture Dissertation Award

    October 31, 2012 by architectural competitions

    ADA 2012 – Architecture Dissertation Award is an annual international competition for Architecture final thesis projects, promoted by AWR Competitions – Architecture Workshop in Rome. ADA 2012 awards the most outstanding thesis on the topic of Housing. The theme presented this year, is the archetype of the architecture for design concept. For centuries formal, technological, functional and aesthetic search for housing has been in the middle of a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural debate.

    1st  Prize 1000 € and 4 honorable mentions that will be awarded in the following categories: sustainable quality, technological innovation, architectural quality, social quality.

    October 1, 2012: Competition announcement – Registration period begins – Question period is open
    December 15, 2012: FAQ Publication
    January 15, 2013: Registration period deadline
    January 20,2013: Project submission deadline
    January 30, 2013: Jury meeting – Evaluation period begins
    February 28, 2013: Winner’s announcement

    More information:

  2. Green Boulevards Architecture Competition

    October 29, 2012 by architectural competitions

    In the era of velocity, communications and sustainable development, the systems of mobility assume an increasing role as the backbone to the harmonic and democratic growth of territories. Strategies of urban planning and rehabilitation aimed at regenerating vast areas of Italy may draw significant advantages from the interconnection and modernisation of road and rail networks.
    The infrastructures of the third millennium, in addition to ensuring the increasingly more fluid and safe exchange of passengers and goods, thanks to the sensitivity of designers and the use of new materials and technologies, can become “green & smart”, that is, intelligent, ecological and productive; true networks for the widespread generation of renewable energy (solar, wind, water, etc.), capable of offering occasions for economic development and employment in vast territories and local communities.

    The competition will take place in a single phase and is open to professionals and students from around the globe. Professionals, for example, may be: architects, engineers, designers, urban planners, landscape architects, economists, sociologists, geologists, researches, technologists, environmental engineers, ecologists, professional and engineering companies, businesses, etc. The term students refers to those who, as of the date of submission, have not yet graduated or who, during the year 2012, are enrolled in post-graduate courses, such as INTERNATIONAL ONLINE COMPETITION GREEN BOULEVARDS PARKWAYS FOR THE THIRD MILLENNIUM 4 specialisation courses, master and/or PhD programmes, etc. In any case, both professionals and students must not yet have reached 40 (forty) years of age at the date of submission. Participants may be individuals or groups. Interdisciplinary, multicultural and trans-national groups are permitted. The ownership of the idea-project is recognised in equal measure to all members of eventual groups. Each participant or group may prepare and submit only one project. Participants may not belong to more than one group.

    Participants must complete the online registration procedure by 10:00 AM on 5 November 2012 using the online form available at the official competition website. Following the correct completion of the online registration procedure, the system will automatically forward each member of the group an email with a User Id and Password, necessary to complete the online submission of the proposals.
    Prior to proceeding with the online registration process each group must transfer the sum of 50.00 Euros.

    Competition announcement: Italian Pavilion at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia, 28 August 2012
    Launch of the Competition Brief: 20 September 2012
    Beginning of Online Registration: 5 October 2012
    End of Online Registration: 5 November 2012 (10:00 AM Italian time)
    Beginning of Self-Publication Procedure: 5 November 2012 (10:00 AM Italian time)
    End of Self-Publication Procedure: 15 November 2012 (10:00 AM Italian time)
    Completion of Jury assessments: by 24 November 2012
    Awarding and Seminar-Event: Italian Pavilion – Arsenale di Venezia: 24 November 2012

    More information in competition brief or on our website

  3. Lausanne Jardins_Landing2014

    October 28, 2012 by architectural competitions

    In 1997, 2000, 2004 and 2009, the City of Lausanne has organised four events in a series of Lausanne Jardins, which have forged an international reputation for the event. This event, is a cultural festival which blends landscape design with reflections on the city, and has the particularity, the only one of its kind in the world, of creating gardens within the urban fabric, into streets, squares, abandoned areas, façades of buildings and rooftops. This results in the chance to create mutual relationships between professionals working in garden design, and intellectuals, scientists, artists, passers-by, and amateurs interested in how greenery can co-exist with the city.

    The project plan for the Lausanne Jardins 2014 event is to test the possibility of creating pop-up gardens adapted to the urban environment, transportable and with long-term viability. It is as much about inventing new forms as about establishing a green presence in an urban setting.

    The main goals of the project are as follows:

    • Suggesting new ways of getting green spaces into cities. Creating the necessary logistics to allow a new kind of garden to be created, incorporating options for moving or transporting these gardens.
    • Considering new and inventive ways of working. Examining ways of creating ‘prototype’ gardens which can be rolled out in other towns under the “Lausanne Jardins” brand name.
    • Encouraging participation by multi-disciplinary teams, permitting a different kind of thinking about the subject, whilst bearing in mind and respecting the constraints inherent in the world of plants.
    • Showing clearly the successive phases in the design and making of a garden. This point is as much for the public before the event as for those designers whose projects are retained.
    • Creating walking routes in the city centre which provide a new perspective on the architectural and historical diversity of the city, and at the same time showcasing it.
    • Enhancing the centre of Lausanne’s rich heritage of architecture and landscape, and at the same time shining a light on its hidden areas, which are little known to the traditional visitor or inhabitant of the inner city.

    How to Take Part

    The competition is open to landscapers, designers, architects, creators and artists throughout the world. The application, a maximum of 2 A4 pages, will include:
    → An introduction to the applicant team (which should include at least one garden professional, who will head up the team).
    → Show what motivates this application and what the team’s intentions are, indicating one or two choice(s) of site(s) the entry is based upon (showing first and second choices).
    → Documentation relating to the competition sites can be found on the following website:
    → The forming of multi-disciplinary teams is strongly encouraged.

    Those applicants who are accepted – up to a limit of 150 – will receive plans and photographs of the sites, a video of each site, as well as the competition rules.
    Applications should be sent to:
    Association Jardin Urbain
    Chemin des Roses 11, CH – 1020 Renens

    Time frame
    → Applications to be received by: 30 November 2012
    → Packs sent out to the teams who have been accepted: 15 December 2012
    → Deadline for the competition of ideas 15 March 2013

    More information:

  4. ARCH PHOTOGRAPHY – Erotic Architecture

    October 26, 2012 by architectural competitions

    Erotic and Architecture are not two words often used together. That does not mean they should not be, so we welcome you to change your usual perception of space and look around yourself to find buildings, constructions, bridges and other places and spaces that arose erotic associations.

    By Erotic Architecture we don’t mean only obvious suggestive forms resembling human body parts. We would like to see work presenting combinations of spatial qualities, materials, rhythms and atmospheres witch in their unique combination could be considered erotic. Photos with human interaction are allowed nevertheless the architecture should be playing primary role in the composition. As we all have subjective associations, this is first competition where we allow our readers to vote on their favourite photograph and pick the “readers favourite”. The invited judges will pick the other winner.

    We understand that the line between erotic and pornographic material may be thin to some therefore before photograph is published we reserve the right to decide on each entry separately.

    Competition structure: 
    This is a single stage Competition.

    Submission requirements: 
    You are allowed to upload one photograph (not less than 1500px on the longest side).

    Official media sponsor:
    In The Red Magazine

    Readers Favorite (most votes)
    Jury Favorite
    Both winners will be published in international art and design media as well as on the Homemade Dessert website and our official media sponsor – IN THE RED Magazine April issue.

    Start of competition and registration – October 10, 2012
    Voting sytem open – October 10, 2012
    Closing date for submissions – January 20, 2013
    Voting system closed – February 20, 2013
    Jury evaluation – February 20, 2013 to March 1, 2013
    Announcement of winners and publication at – March 2, 2013

    For registration and more information visit our website

  5. Palm Springs Modernism Week #ModernismProject – Instagram Challenge 1: #ARCHITECTURE

    October 24, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The #ModernismProject is a mobile initiative encouraging the Palm Springs Modernism Week community to get involved and capture modernism in their everyday lives through their photo lens. Starting in October through January, participants will have the opportunity, twice a month, to win tickets to Modernism Week events or prizes by simply snapping a photo and showing their own personal perspective on modernism.

    Here’s how to play:

    1. Follow us on Instagram (search for user name Modernism_Week), the blog, Facebook, and Twitter to follow the bi-monthly contest prompts. You can always visit this page for the most current prompt too.
    2. Grab your smartphone.
    3. Photograph anything and everything related to the current prompt and add your favorite filter, tilt-shift, or bokeh flare.
    4. Upload it to your Instagram account, and add the hashtag #ModernismProject, as well as the hashtag for the most current prompt (ie. #architecture) so that we can track your submission by each contest. Feel free to submit more than one photo.
    5. Starting in October, we’ll announce the challenge prompt every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, and announce a winner on the following Wednesday by tagging them on Instagram – so check your news feeds to see if you’ve won!
    6. For each contest, we’ll have a special guest judge, so make them pretty, make them creative and dazzle us! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    The calendar of prompt dates is included below.  Don’t worry, we’ll also remind you on Instagramthe blogFacebook and Twitter as we announce the prompt topics themselves. Additionally, we have something special planned for February, but you’ll just have to wait for that!  So get ready, set, and shoot!

    There will a total of 1 winner for each competition. Winners will receive a pair of tickets to one Palm Springs Modernism Week event of their choosing. Tickets are non-transferable. If the winner does not live in the vicinity, or will not be attending the event in February, they will receive a choice of prizes from the Palm Springs Modernism Week MODSHOP.

    More information on website

  6. Tokyo Replay Center Design Competition

    October 22, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The aim of this competition is to develop a new leisure center in central Tokyo. The center must fit with the lifestyle of Japanese society while offering a new method of entertainment designed especially for them. The Tokyo Replay Center is a new concept of entertainment. A complex with numerous private media rooms (similar to the popular karaoke rooms) where groups of friends can go to see old anime, to watch classic films, or to play video games in a private setting where they can feel comfortable. For the same price that a karaoke session or an informal dinner would cost, people could rent a private room and be entertained with some of the best Japanese technological entertainment.

    The space has to be equipped with the best technology in audio and video quality while also offering an extensive menu of food and drinks to complete the experience. The Tokyo Replay Center aspires to become a reference point in this culture of leisure, a must for the “otaku” (people with a keen interest in manga, anime, and video games) and all people interested in technology. It would be a place where you could find the latest releases as well as the most desirable classics.

    Register by 15.01. 2013
    Submit by 31.01. 2013

    More details on website

  7. SOILED – No.4 Windowscrapers

    October 21, 2012 by architectural competitions

    SOILED is an architectural periodical. It investigates latent issues in the built environment and the politics of space.

    SOILED’s next issue, Windowscrapers, is interested in probing moments where public spectacle intermingles with the humdrum of private routine; we call on the typology of windows as a literal and symbolic device through which those moments are mediated. Whether peering through a physical window or not, Windowscrapers seeks to explore a continuum of human encounters, from the sinister to the serendipitous. From Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window to windowless rooms, and from window shopping to Google Streetview-ing, Windowscrapers invites a broad investigation of people-watching, voyeurism, and surveillance. Akin to the issues of SOILED before it, Windowscrapers believes that the printed page can transcend the bookshelf—that print media can be a tool to engage with the physical environment, according to architectural and fenestrated coordinates. Welcome to the peep show!

    SOILED invites narratives, manifestoes, critical essays, infographics, diagrams, mappings, photographs, comics, speculations, and ephemera, among other salient media, to respond to the above instigation.  If you’d like to contribute, please review our submission guidelines, posted on our website:

    Proposals submitted by OCTOBER 31st will be reviewed for inclusion.
    Submissions should be sent to:

  8. Transiting Cities – Low Carbon Futures – Design Ideas Competition

    October 19, 2012 by architectural competitions

    We are calling on renowned international designers and academic institutions from a wide range of disciplines including architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, artists and students to participate in the international design ideas competition titled Transiting Cities – Low Carbon Futures.

    How can we rethink, regenerate, rebrand, rework, reactivate cities dominated by singular economies for a vibrant and innovative future?

    Designing Possible Futures for growth and adaptation of rehabilitated mines, associated infrastructures and the townships that are dependent on their futures.
    Integrated social, economic, environmental and infrastructural design outcomes.
    Produce intelligent innovative short and long-term transition strategies for an adaptive and vibrant regional centre.

    Re-Think –  Latrobe as a network city, Low Carbon Futures, An Integrated Vision!
    Re-Generate –  The Regional Landscape, the Local Economy, Through Community Building!
    Re-Brand – New, Innovative and Alternative Cities of the Near Future, Strengthen Identity!
    Re-Work –  Rehabilitated Mines, Redundant Infrastructures, Multiple Cultural Hubs of a Local Productions!
    Re-Activate –  Celebrate the Past , Intensify Town Centres!

    Transiting Cities is an international design ideas competition and it is open to everyone. Participating teams can have one or more members. Projects can be real or speculative proposals. Proposals need not be generated exclusively for this competition but reworked to demonstrate how they can be applied to the site of the competition. Prizes: Over $20,000.00 in Cash Prizes

    Deadline for Early-Bird Registration –  Monday 29 October, 2012
    Deadline for Late Registration –  Friday 30 November, 2012


    • Proposal Call
    • Competition Launch –  Monday 10 September, 2012
    • Questions and Answers
    • First Response Period Closes – Monday 24 September, 2012
    • Second Response Period Closes – Monday 8 October, 2012
    • Submission of Proposals – Friday 30 November, 2012
    • Judging and Results
    • Jury Deliberation Commences –  Monday 3 December, 2012
    • Results Announcement – Friday 14 December, 2012
    • Exhibition
    • Official Opening Latrobe City / Latrobe Regional Gallery – Thursday 6 December, 2012
    • Official Opening Melbourne / Design Hub –  Friday 14 December, 2012
    • Presentations / Workshops
    • Finalist Presentations – Saturday 9th March 2013
    • Post Competition workshops – Saturday 9th March 2013

    Official Website

  9. World Habitat Awards 2013

    October 17, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The Building and Social Housing Foundation is now accepting entries for the 2013 edition of the World Habitat Awards. Established in 1985, the World Habitat Awards recognise innovative and sustainable solutions to key housing challenges in the global South as well as the North. Entries are assessed by a panel of international judges and an award of £10,000 is presented to each of the two winning projects at the annual United Nations global celebration of World Habitat Day.

    Who can enter?
    The competition is open to any individual, organisation or government agency that has an innovative and sustainable housing solution in any country of the world. More than one entry can be made by the same individual or organisation.

    How to enter
    Initial submissions to the Awards need only comprise a concise description of the key aspects of the initiative, accompanied by images, and may be submitted in English, Spanish or French. Further details and an online entry form are available at

    All entries must be received by 1st November 2012

  10. DawnTown Design/Build

    October 15, 2012 by architectural competitions

    DawnTown, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting architecture in Miami, is announcing an open call for portfolios to their new competition: DAWNTOWN DESIGN/BUILD.

    In the last four years, DawnTown’s annual ideas competitions have attracted designers from around the world to present new and creative possibilities for Miami. Now in its fifth year, DawnTown seeks to turn these ideas into reality through DAWNTOWN DESIGN/BUILD. This competition seeks the talents of a designer or design team to create a low cost, innovative, and temporary installation in Miami.

    The competition is open to architects, artists, and all creative professionals. Designers can work individually or collaboratively in teams, with the requirement that at least one team member is located in the United States.

    Interested designers/design teams must submit a six(6) page PDF. The PDF should include all competing participants with a short biography of each, a one(1) page essay on their design philosophy, and samples of their existing work(either built/unbuilt). Work samples should demonstrate an entrant’s ability to be artistic and innovative. Entries will be collected from September 17th, 2012 to October 31st, 2012, with finalists being announced on November 15th, 2012. For complete rules and requirements to register, visit our website