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November, 2012

  1. Sustainable Land Lab

    November 30, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The City of St. Louis and Washington University of St. Louis are hosting an innovative competition that puts ideas to action to find a sustainable solution to the issue of vacant land.

    In a Sentence:  Teams will propose innovative projects that transform vacant lots into assets that advance sustainability.
    Duration: November 2, 2012 – April 11, 2013
    Process: Assemble a team, select a vacant lot from six candidate sites, propose your vision
    Submissions: Three rounds of deliverables of increasing detail
    Awards: Two-year lease of a vacant lot and $5,000 seed funding to implement project.  Six project sites to choose from.  Up to four awards will be granted.
    First Round Submissions Due: December 10. First round submissions include 2-page overview of concept and team qualifications, optional single 8.5×11 format image or 3-minute video
    Implementation: Winning teams will implement and maintain their projects as living laboratories, teaching tools, and regional sustainability assets for two years.


  2. Dichotomy 19: UGLY

    November 28, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture is seeking articles, projects, graphics, and other creative content for our theory and criticism journal Dichotomy.

    The term UGLY is often associated with any project that veers from the realm of easy and accepted solutions. In reality it is the skin of an investigation that challenges our perception of form and architecture. Dichotomy 19 seeks to understand this complexity through the conversation of its own social and cultural aesthetic. Submissions should reflect upon how the line between beautiful and UGLY is blurred by original understandings of design, architecture, urbanism, or community development. Abstract Deadline: December 1st, 2012. Submit your 300 word abstract with three images in PDF format by December 1, 2012 to:


  3. Passport to Creativity

    November 26, 2012 by architectural competitions

    Win a Free CEU Trip to Spain!
    Tile Of Spain Launches “Passport To Creativity” Contest – Show Us Your Creativity, And We’ll Show You Spain
    Four design professionals will be selected to attend an all expense paid, CEU architectural tour and trip to Cevisama 2013 in Valencia, Spain – entries accepted through December 3, 2012.
    Tile of Spain, the international brand representing 125 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER), is proud to announce the launch of “Passport to Creativity” contest.

    The contest offers architects and interior designers a chance to win a free trip to Spain to participate in an architectural excursion where they will earn 4 CEU credits and visit Cevisama 2013, the International Ceramic Tile and Bath Furnishing Show in Valencia, Spain.

    To enter, architects and designers must show their creativity!

    Tile of Spain is asking architects and interior designers to submit a picture of themselves with Spanish Tile. It can be a picture of them holding a catalog, a picture (printed or on a phone), a drawing of a room or even sample of Spanish Tile. They can also stand next to a project where they specified Spanish Tile.

    Entries will be accepted through December 3, 2012 and winners will be notified in the week of December 10, 2012.

    Part of the Tile of Spain 2013 Architects & Designers Tour running February 2 to February 9, 2013, the “Passport to Creativity” trip includes time to explore Spain to be immersed in the culture, sample Spain’s world-famous culinary arts, observe sites and attractions with architectural and design significance and to gain a general understanding and appreciation for Spain. The trip also includes a guided visit to Cevisama 2013, factory and booth tours and a press conference. All participants will earn 4 CEU credits.

    For complete rules, and details on how to enter the “Passport to Creativity” contest, please visit

  4. BONFIRE – Open International Architectural Competition

    November 25, 2012 by architectural competitions

    Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival and Papa Westray (Papay) are proud to announce First Open International Architectural Competition “BONFIRE” – grassroots celebration of an ancient tradition of Bonfires and new ideas in architecture. BONFIRE is architectural ideas competition and participants are invited to establish own limits and interpretation of Judges Statement, to present most inspiring, thoughts provoking and innovative architectural design.

    Papa Westray (locally known as Papay) is 4 miles long and 1 mile wide and representing all Orkney in miniature: sea cliffs, sandy beaches, green undulating fields. The island has 7000 years of dramatic history of human inhabitation, fragile environment of the present and uncertainty of the future – the world in miniature, where new ideas can arrive and to be presented in greater clarity.

    At this stage no specific site for design proposals is defined and participants have opportunity and freedom to explore our island (please use Google map for information) and suggest the site, or to focus on the BONFIRE design itself.  In global scale we hope the competition will contribute to the debate about tradition and present role of an architect. Also such debate can be important in local scale as an opportunity to address issues of heritage and landscape with a help of most bright and adventurous architectural minds, to give confidence in interaction with an ancient landscape and heritage applying new architectural, technological and philosophical ideas.

    We are expecting a great variety and quality of architectural ideas to promote through BONFIRE publications and travelling exhibitions; and looking forward to bring the winning BONFIRE design(s) to the completion for February 2014 and our following events. We’d like to say thank you to our judges and to everyone who is contributing to the competition.

    Daniel Holguin
    Glenn Fulk
    Eva Franch
    Stefan Roeschert
    Molly Heintz

    Registration Deadline: 11 December 2012, GMT
    Submission Deadline: 12 December 2012, 18:00 GMT

    For more information please visit:

  5. Design Competition for a day care center in Beer Sheba, Israel

    November 23, 2012 by architectural competitions

    The ZEZEZE ARCHITECTURE GALLERY is announcing an open design competition for the design of a day care center for adults with developmental intellectual disabilities, to be established in the city of Beer Sheba. This is an open two-stage international competition, and the winner will be invited to enter into agreement with the city of Beer Sheba for the design of the center. The competition is held on behalf of the Beer Sheba municipality and the Shalem Fund, and managed by the ZEZEZE ARCHITECTURE GALLERY.

    The following page contains a brief summary of the competition details.
    To download the full competition regulations and program, layout of the building site and a copy of the local planning commission’s guidelines for planning, please click here. For further details and questions, please contact the gallery.

    The design of a new day care center in the city of Beer Sheba, for adults with developmental intellectual disabilities.

    The new day care center will be located in the 11th neighborhood, and upon completion will provide services to 80 adults with developmental intellectual disabilities.
    The center will be developed in three phases. The first phase includes lot development and a 700 square meter facility, providing services to 32 residents. The projected budget for the first phase is 8.6 million NIS (USD2.2M). The second and third development phases include additions of 830 square meters to the center.

    This is a two-stage, open international competition.
    The first stage is a open and anonymous, participation is open without limitation. Individuals and groups are allowed. Three winning proposals will be selected from submissions received in this stage.
    In the second stage, participants will be asked to further develop their proposals and present them to the competition jury. One proposal will be selected and the winning team invited to complete the center’s design.

    First stage is open to without limitation. During the second stage participants will be asked to present suitable professional accreditation to complete the design task (additions to the design team will be possible at this stage, as detailed in the competition regulations).

    The first stage opens 4/11/2012
    Submissions deadline is 3/2/2013
    Winners will be announced 17/2/2013. The second stage will immediately follow the first stage.
    Winners will be announced 26/5/2013.

    Registration fees are NIS350-600. Students and young architects (under 35) are eligible for discounted fees.

    Winners selected in the first stage will receive each NIS25,000 (+VAT).
    The winning team selected in the second stage will be invited to enter into agreement with the Beer Sheba municipality for the design of the center.

    The 11 members of the jury represent the Beer Sheba municipality (4), organizations supporting the project (3), residents’ families representative (1), independent architects and designers (3).

    The competition is held by the city of Beer Sheba and the Shalem Fund.
    The competition is managed by the ZEZEZE ARCHITECTURE GALLERY.

    For questions and additional information

  6. Collider Activity Center

    November 21, 2012 by architectural competitions

    Brief competition description
    The competition is open, international and one stage. The scope of the competition is to design Collider Activity Center, which will be the new meeting place for all active people in Sofia, Bulgaria. The center includes climbing area, boulder room, multipurpose sports rooms, fitness, spa, swimming pool, offices, restaurant and bar.

    € 25 000 and a commission contract (€ 15/sq.m for architecture)

    Free registration at by 02/15/2013.
    Digital submission at by 02/28/2013.

    International jury with architects from Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Bulgaria will nominate 5 projects, which will receive € 5 000 each. Walltopia will choose one of the nominated projects, with whom they will sign a commission contract for execution of construction drawings (€ 15/sq.m for architecture).

    Web Site:

  7. Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition

    November 19, 2012 by architectural competitions

    Metropolis, the leading magazine of architecture, culture, and design, is challenging emerging designers to define “inclusive design.” The annual Next Generation Design Competition asks those who will design the 21st century to develop solutions that empower, advance, and include groups often overlooked in the design process (including, but not limited to, the rapidly increasing aging population and citizens with disabilities). Empower with Inclusive Design!

    The winner of Next Generation receives $10,000 but more important, career-building attention.

    Pioneer a new frontier—80% of disabilities are invisible to the wider population. What is the solution the world didn’t realize it needs?

    Produce products that serve—285 million people are visually impaired, 6 billion people are left-handed, and 350 million people have arthritis. Be the one to design for the real masses.

    Re-imagine urban living—by 2050, it’s expected that 908 million older people will live in urban communities. What needs to change?

    Build a better system—consider your daily commute – what would become a roadblock if you broke your leg, lost your glasses, or couldn’t hear? How can you make it a smoother journey for all?

    Entries due February 18, 2013

  8. 120 HOURS

    November 18, 2012 by architectural competitions

    120 HOURS is an independent competition organized by students on a non-profit, voluntary basis without the involvement of a school administration. The organizing committee of 120 HOURS is recruited from the student masses of the three main architecture schools in Norway, BAS, AHO and NTNU. The competition is open for international students.

    120 HOURS offers fresh ideas on relevant architectural topics while giving students a voice in the current architectural discourse. 120 is challenging and fun to participate in, and will give students a relevant first encounter with architectural competitions. In short, we are giving deserving young talents a head start at the game. 120 will benefit the architectural community as a whole.

    120 HOURS goes to Bergen in 2013, and will focus on the west coast of Norway. The prizes are higher, and so are the expectations! Get ready to battle for victory against architecture students around the world!

    The registration deadline is February 1st, and the task will be revealed at 2 PM on Monday February 4th. Sign up now!

    Read more at and follow updates at our Facebook page.

    Good luck!

  9. MANIFEST – Call for Proposals – Issue 1: “Looking Inward”

    November 16, 2012 by architectural competitions

    MANIFEST, a new annual independent print journal on American architecture and urbanism, is requesting text, project, and photographic proposals for its first issue entitled, “Looking Inward.” Edited by Anthony Acciavatti, Justin Fowler, and Dan Handel, and supported in part by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, MANIFEST was founded to initiate a critical conversation about the state of American architecture, its cities, and its hinterland, tackling head-on what others have abandoned. While MANIFEST intends to question the assumptions behind singular constructions of America by tracing its origins and its global influence, the journal also strives to define the uniqueness of American forms of city-building and the distinct set of material and political parameters through which these forms are shaped.

    The theme of our first issue, “Looking Inward,” is broadly construed as an interrogation of a “New World” taken for granted. Rather than abandoning this new world for a newer world to the east or or circling the wagons here at home, this issue of MANIFEST speaks less to a continual rehearsal of the initial American experiment in favor of a prompt toward the active shaping of its evolution. “Looking Inward” asks how can we take the reigns of a process once deemed to be a function of destiny. Why does America merit scrutiny? Assuming America deserves scrutiny, what parts have been overlooked and are deserving of attention? Of the areas that have received attention, how can they be amended, broadened, or rendered new and unfamiliar? What are the projects of America? For this issue, MANIFEST encourages a range of narratives, from the panoramic to the miniature, so long as they recast our understanding of how America is artificial, peculiar, and intriguing.

    While one measure of the issue will be to articulate the necessity of the American project (the “why”, “when”, “where”, and “why now?”), we also hope to jump right into the “how” by suggesting approaches through which to re-ignite the formal, political, economic, and perhaps even the poetic efficacy of the American built environment. The publication will act as a forum—though not a disinterested one—and in this effort, no ideological or methodological precept will be taken for granted. As withdrawal and engagement are never acceptable as ends in themselves, we ask that claims of autonomy, revolution, pragmatism, continuity, advocacy, and/or activism offer compelling narratives of the ends that inspire their means.


    • For essays, please submit an abstract of 500–750 words + images, along with a brief bio or CV.
    • For columns (op-eds or historical vignettes), please submit an abstract of 250–500 words + images, along with a brief bio or CV.
    • For projects, speculations, graphic narratives, or photo essays, please submit relevant drawings and images, along with 250–500 words of text. Please also include a firm profile, bio, or CV.
    • For reviews, please submit a 250–500 word description of the project, exhibition, or book under consideration and the critical approach to be explored. Please also include a bio or CV.

    We encourage abstracts and proposals to provoke as much as describe and each should offer an insight into the narrative threads driving the work. Authorial tone can range from academic to irreverent and text lengths will vary (750–1500 words for columns and 3000–5000+ words for essays). The subject matter is wholly up to the discretion of the authors. MANIFEST encourages the submission of pieces of historical interest alongside more projective tracts and speculative arguments. Please submit all material in a single PDF (5MB maximum file size) to by Friday, 14 December 2012. Authors of selected proposals will be notified by late December and the editors will work with authors to develop their pieces. Final texts will be due in April 2013.

    A PDF of the full Call for Proposals can be found here:
    More info:

  10. Maspes-Vigorelli Velodrome Design Competition

    November 14, 2012 by architectural competitions

    By means of an International Design Competition for the requalification of the Velodromo Maspes-Vigorelli, the Municipality of Milan intends to restore to the city a sports amenity that is under-used at present but which has been part of the sporting and architectural heritage of Milan from the early 20th century.

    The objective is to renew and at the same time transform the approximately 80-year-old structure into a modern amenity in compliance with the most recent regulations in order to accommodate the greatest number of sports disciplines and functions associated with the territory.
    In summary, a venue open to the city year-round that can relate in new and diverse ways with the local area and can host educational-game exhibitions, cultural activities, trade area events, etc., in addition to sport.

    Pre-qualification phase: envelopes/parcels containing applications to the competition must be delivered to:
    no later than 12.00 noon on Tuesday 4 December 2012
    Question and Answer e Risposte: the 10 groups selected may send any queries they may have concerning the Competition Notice and/or its annexes to the Competition Secretariat by e-mail up until Tuesday 15 January 2013.
    All participants will receive a summary of these queries (in anonymous form) and the relative replies by e-mail, no later than Wednesday 30 January 2013.
    Competition phase: the envelope/parcelmust be delivered to the Commissioning Body no later than 12.00 noon on Tuesday 26 March 2013

    Competition website: