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A101 Block City Urban Block Competition

21/07/2010 by architectural competitions

Mashtab Development Company is announcing a masterplan design competition for a new residential development located near Moscow.

The development will create a comfortable urban environment with over 1 million sq m of housing, services and open spaces on a 127 ha site.

The development is a part of the “Project A101”  – a new town of around 150.000 people and 13 million sq m of housing located south of Moscow.

The competition will consists of two stages: the first stage is an open selection procedure for architects and urban designers based on portfolios, the second one a closed competition among four selected participants with a total fee of 400.000 USD.

The competition is based on the Block City concept that was developed by Bart Goldhoorn and Aleksander Sverdlov in the context of the International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam in 2009.

The Block City concept aims at combining the advantages of standard design with the qualities embedded in the traditional city with its clearly defined urban spaces. This is done by defining a standard for the plot size of the urban block. When this standard is applied both in the design of urban areas and in the design of housing blocks, it is possible to use identical projects for housing blocks in different places while keeping their urban qualities.

The client is looking for projects for housing blocks with standard dimensions that can be applied in the Masterplan.

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