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Baricentrale Railway Corridor International Design Competition

25/06/2012 by architectural competitions

The city of Bari (Italy) invites International professionals to design a major transformation of the city’s central areas. The reorganization of the railway and transportation systems and the acquisition of the Caserma Rossani by the Municipality offer unique occasions for the redefinition of the relationship between the old and modern city, reducing the historic separation caused by the presence of the rail yards and tracks. This is the starting point for a project that will be implemented in phases over the next years with the contribution of the public and private sectors and with the participation of public opinion; in any case, it is a project that needs to begin from a unitary vision of the future role that this urban hinge can play for the entire city of Bari.

The project site covers an area of 78 hectares over a length of 3 km. To move towards a concrete implementation process, the area of the master plan called for in the competition has been divided into six sectors, each with distinct urban characteristics and management prospects. In the very immediate future, however, the City Council is planning to embark upon a program for a seventh sector in order to transform the Caserma Rossani area into a park and center for the city’s cultural and economic life.

It is a restricted two-phase ideas competition in which competitors will be selected based on their resumes of prior experience and work. The first phase is an open selection procedure and consists in the receipt of expressions of interest for selection and subsequent admission to the competition phase for a maximum of 10 shortlisted participants.

A total of € 230.000,00 is available for prizes and reimbursements. 1st Prize: € 50.000.
Each of the remaining participants, will receive €20.000,00.

08.06.2012 : Publication of Competion notice
22.08.2012 : Submission of candidature to first phase

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