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Brussels Courthouse, Imagine the Future!

24/07/2010 by architectural competitions

Imagine the future for the Brussels Courthouse and its surrounding area.

Send us your vision for the Brussels Court House’s & Poelaert square’s future and win up to € 15.000 per scenario.

Brussels, Europe’s capital city, and its future inspire you? You want to change the image projected by the largest building built in 19th century? Then don’t hesitate and participate in this international ideas contest.

Feel free to express your ideas with creativeness and imagination. Register now to take part in the contest. Download free the contest rules. You can get all the supporting documentation you need to express your ideas for just € 5.

Your entries will be judged by a jury that includes architects, magistrates, philosophers and inhabitants. Registrations must be received by October 15th, 2010.

Today, the Courthouse in Brussels doesn’t live up to present-day’s safety and functionality demands. It suffers from different problems (stability issues, fire protection, evacuation, lifts, etc.) which aren’t easy to solve. On top of which it has to be taken into account that the palace of justice is protected as national heritage.

A strong vision is thus needed to modernize the Courthouse and at the same time preserve it as part of our national heritage.

That’s why the Belgian Federal government has decided to examine all possible scenarios resulting from the consequences of a partial or total removal of departments which are now housed in the Courthouse but which require a higher level of security.

The contest is launched during Belgium’s Presidency of the European Union.

The purpose of this contest is not to submit a finalized urban planning or architectural project but to imagine the future allocation – whether judicial or not – of the Brussels Courthouse and of the surroundings of Place Poelaert.

The contest is meant for professionals from all countries, either active in the field of architecture, urban planning and Justice or engineers, market development engineers, artists, … as well as schools active in these fields.

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