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Building Back Better Communities – A Government of Haiti Iniative

23/06/2010 by architectural competitions

Building Back Better Communities has been initiated by the Government of Haiti to investigate alternative forms of permanent housing for displaced citizens. A prototype housing Expo will take place in Port-au-Prince from early October 2010. The development of an exemplar housing settlement will follow shortly after.

The Government of Haiti wishes to attract as wide a response as possible from across the world. Designers, architects, contractors, consultants and suppliers are all warmly invited to participate.

The following materials contain all you need to take part in rebuilding a brighter future for the people of Haiti.

There are two separate Lots, but applicants may apply for both if they wish. Applicants are advised that the deadline for first stage responses is Monday 28 June 2010, 5:00pm EDT.


  1. we would like to join the design compitition us for the detail.

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