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DawnTown Miami 2011 Floating Stage Design Competition

13/02/2011 by architectural competitions

DawnTown Miami is an annual architecture ideas competition meant to bring creative and inspiring new solutions to Downtown Miami. Now in its fourth year, DawnTown is partnering with a local historic preservation group to help bring prominence to an early piece of Miami’s modern architecture period. This year’s contest topic is to design a complimenting structure to the Miami Marine Stadium in an effort to allow the historic site to become a great event space once again: The new structure will be The Floating Stage.

The competition seeks out fresh and inventive designs that will help promote not only downtown but the City of Miami, and it’s historical connections to modern architecture.

To enter, please visit us at WWW.DAWNTOWN.ORG to download the competition brief. Registration is free and open to all designers, professionals or students.

First Prize…$5000
Second Prize…$2500
Third Prize….$1000
Fourth Prize….$500
Fifth Prize….$250

Follow us on our website WWW.DAWNTOWN.ORG for up to date information or through our Facebook and Twitter pages

Good luck!


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