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10/05/2010 by architectural competitions

The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design proposes DINGBAT 2.0, an open, single-stage, international design competition, reconsidering Los Angeles’ ubiquitous dingbat apartment building for the 21st century. All designers, architects, artists, engineers, students, and other interested parties are fully eligible for participation in this competition.

This is an ideas competition that calls for the consideration of two design issues regarding the Dingbat and it’s impact on the urban fabric of Los Angeles. Two boards (digital-only submittal) will be required for the competition. One board will address the typology of the Dingbat at the scale of the individual building (are they to be retrofitted? replaced?), and the second board will consider the larger urban scale of an entire city block within a ‘Dingbat neighborhood’. Three separate sites in three distinct Los Angeles neighborhoods will be considered for the competition.

Dingbat 2.0 asks designers to re-envision the Dingbat, and, in so doing, offer a revised vision for L.A. itself. In order to redefine the Dingbat, it is essential to understand what has made it so successful (or at least ubiquitous) and determine what form of Dingbat-ness will best define a new identity for an emerging 21st Century Los Angeles. In short, this is not Banham’s Dingbat. Instead, Dingbat 2.0 is a complete re-invention of the typology, one that could allude to L.A.’s residential future, rather than simply glorifying one of the many pop-cultural icons of its past.

Competition Schedule:

April 1: Competition announcement
April 12: Complete Competition Brief available
May 31: Registration period ends
June 4: Submission deadline
June 12: Jury
June 19: Winners announced + Exhibition

Prizes and Entry Fees:

A total of $9,000 USD in prize money will be awarded in the following categories:

– 1st place $4000 USD
– 2nd place $2000 USD
– 3rd place $750 USD
Honorary Mentions*

– 1st place $1500 USD
– 2nd place $500 USD
– 3rd place $250 USD


  1. Yilleng Paul says:

    I’m a student of architecture, university of jos nigeria. I want to know if i’m eligible to participate in the competation.

  2. Yes – you are eligible, EVERYONE is eligible. If you are entering as a student, you need to provide a copy of your student ID.

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