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Facing the Floods

16/02/2011 by architectural competitions

We will have all seen and heard much about the extensive flooding recently, from Australia to Sri Lanka, and right the way across in Brazil. In the face of such chaos and disaster it is striking how this has effected first-hand people of many different cultures and classes. It’s a strong reminder that humanitarian design is not always just for the underprivileged in our world, and sometimes circumstances can throw a stable and strong society into massive humanitarian need. Even some of you reading this I’m sure will have seen personally the devastation of floods in the past few months.

There are links to a small sample of articles on the floods for further reading at the bottom of the page, but take a second to watch the slide show of photos below, taken from the Boston Globe Big Picture reports from Australia and Brazil.

We are asking you to design for flood victims. You can look closely at one area which has been recently effected, or tackle the subject on a wider level- we want you to explore what you think is necessary in these chaotic situations and what you would like to implement to improve people’s living. This could be in terms of safe shelter, protecting belongings, temporary infrastructure, saving buildings, access and transport, or any aspect which you think is important! The main focus is on providing a quick response, your design or strategy should be something that can be implemented swiftly after flooding strikes. The deadline for entries is midnight on Monday 28th February, and the winner will be announced in the following week.

Submission Guide
Send your concept as a single Landscape image. It can just be a scanned drawing, doodle, or a photograph, ideally for us it would be an A3 Jpeg at 300dpi, but if you can’t manage that then don’t worry! (oh, and don’t put your name or logo in the image)
A maximum of 100 words can be included on your image to help explain your concept quickly.
Email your submission to us at
Click the “pay now” link on the 
Enter Now page to pay the £3 entry fee.
Prize & Judging

Half the money collected from entries will be sent straight to Anusaran to fund their building project in West Delhi. The other half of the money goes to the competition winner, as decided by a panel of tutors from Scott Sutherland School of Architecture in Aberdeen. The prize will be awarded via pay-pal, or a viable alternative if that’s an issue.

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    No news is good news. The longer it takes them the more lielky they’re typing up lots of feedback. Maybe even for a full request! This story won’t work as a Desire in its current form. There’s no external conflict to speak of. And since it’s only a chapter. I’m happy to resign it to the file where I keep all my other false starts!

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