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Gentrified: Carving out Space for the Homeless after Gentrification: September 2011 Vignette Competition

29/10/2010 by architectural competitions


Craft and clearly communicate your idea for a design school that fosters a socially-aware education for its students. In lieu of an interview or paper series for this year’s competition, SDF is relying on the talent of its participants. In Spring 2010, SDF held the first of the two programming. The winning entry was published June 25, 2010, and is available in the previous pages of this pdf. 2011 design competition participants may use the winning program as a strict foundation for their own work, a platform on which to explore their own ideas, or simply as inspiration. Your design may be as similar or as different from the 2010 program competition winner as you feel appropriate for your own design project.


Everyone is welcome to register: entries from all countries and all fields are encouraged. Entries can be from an individual or group. Groups are limited to four people.


Registration September 4 – November 19, 2010

Submissions Accepted January 3, 2011

Submission Deadline January 28, 2011*

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