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26/06/2010 by architectural competitions

Within the historic area Aldgate, on the estern edge of the City of London, GINA could stand for the duration of the year 2012, coinciding with the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Global Information Network Amplifyer [GINA] was concieved through the exploration and desire to embody the pride London boasts with its hosting of the XXX Olympiad in the summer of the year 2012. The structure will contain hundreds of fluctuating ‘trend pods’ that will ultimately hold and represent the global interests of 2012 and the Olympic aspirations of nations all over the world. Epitomizing the City’s regeneration of the area of East London and serving as not only a functional amenity for providing information through a real time visualization, the intervention will also act as a transient moment of spatial/geographic interaction, organizing ones knowledge of the local and global environments.

Based upon these ideals and through creating a habitable diagramatic architecture for the public, it is believed that GINA will act as a thriving ‘data signpost’, reinforcing the distinctive character of the site, she will facilitate the slowing down of commuters, enabling stops to habitate the site and socialise as well as simply passing through. GINA celebrates the street, and reveals its social and cultural richness by enhancing a key transitional space and suporting active social engagments and events to bring the street to life before during and after the olympic and paralympic games.

Designed by Seán Gair, GINA is a sociocultural trend visualizing, architectural intervention, proposed as a temporary London landmark to stand for the duration of the Olympic year 2012.


  1. Varut says:

    Sharon Irby – The pictures are oudaisnttng! Thank you for taking the time to bring out the very best of Emiley & Joe, friends & family in each picture. Will be anxiously awaiting the rest of your work.

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