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Green Spaces Design Competition

11/03/2011 by architectural competitions

In 1910, the City of Manchester became Virginia’s first “Lost City” when it was incorporated into Richmond. Since then, what is now the Manchester neighborhood has struggled to create a new and accurate identity that reflects its history as well as its current residents and potential. Today the historic neighborhood of Manchester serves as Richmond’s main point of entry from the south. Is Manchester a Place or a Gateway? Can it be both? How is a Gateway sustainable as a Place?
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The recognizably industrial Manchester Richmond neighborhood is currently experiencing a shift towards mixed-use development with apartments, condominiums, art galleries, boutique industries, offices and restaurants. This year’s Green Spaces competition will look specifically at “Old Manchester” challenging participants to use sustainable design principles in creating a GREEN GATEWAY to Richmond. Proposed solutions and strategies will address the unique cultural, economic and environmental opportunities specific to Richmond’s Manchester neighborhood and the City of Richmond beyond. This year’s competition challenge is part one of a twopart / two-year competition. As Green Spaces 2011 focuses on “Old Manchester”, Green Spaces 2012 will focus on issues facing Mayo Island and the 14th Street Bridge. As in years past, there will be a K-12 youth design competition parallel in time frame to the Green Spaces
2011/ 2012 competitions, focused on the same sites with modified challenges.
3/25/2011 Registration Deadline


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