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Houses for famous people

26/03/2010 by architectural competitions

We ask you to design A House for Bruno Taut. (or Chopin, Lady Gaga, Chekhov etc.)

For that very complex architect who, again, had the courage to use a word that was, and still is, taboo: TRANSCENDENTAL. And he asked us to submit to it (i.e. to the transcendental).

Should we add anything more…? Perhaps that the book he published, called “Alpine Architecture” (which can be acquired inexpensively through still needs serious investigation. It is an “Utopian” book, yes, if by “Utopian” one understands a leaning towards one’s longings, as opposed to one’s more measurable projections.

But we need these longings badly, since they make us dream of a better world!

Is there any need to advocate their deep-seated raison d’etre…?

Please send us ANY work, ANY size and ANY format that responds to the theme to: We will publish all the works received on our website, There is an entry fee of 30E (15E for students) payable by Paypal through the Registration section of our website. This entry fee entitles one to participate in another competition that we launch, without paying another fee. The works that receive a merit award will be invited to participate in two other competitions without paying an entry fee, while the first prize winners will be able to do this three times. The jury will be composed of the competitors themselves, who will have the right to vote on all the works reviewed, except their own. Thus, the competitors will also be the judges of this experimental competition. The deadline for registration is April 15th, 2010. The deadline for submitting your work is May 4th, 2010 (Bruno Taut’s 130th birthday). For more information or any other related questions please contact us.Houses


  1. Florian says:

    Wooow…this must be a joke. What kind of stupid will take part at this competition where you just pay to participate but if you “win 1st place” you dont take any kind of money? You are ripping off people!!

  2. Anders says:

    Indeed, seems like a cheap/profitable way of marketing a book and possibly get free design ideas. Surely, our time, ideas and education must be worth more than tricks and trinkets.

  3. mike makki says:

    i have a question regarding the fee ,what 30E???

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