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Imaging Detroit / MODCaR

27/06/2012 by architectural competitions

The Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Culture and Representation(MODCaR) is holding an unprecedented 48-hour exhibition, screening and discussion event – in Detroit, on Detroit – that will assemble an exemplary collection of film, video, and visual media exploring the city’s manufactured meanings.

The event, Imaging Detroit, is an open collection and a contemporary anthology of Detroit’s local and global image that will include:
– Projected media in a number of categories: low-tech short shorts, short, medium-length, and feature
– A breadth of topical photographic work on the City of Detroit
– Invited DJs (discourse jockeys) to moderate diverse and lively discussion

The Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Cultural and Representation is a nomadic research organization predicated on the idea that urban experience is conditioned by images. We study how images of cities are produced, diffused, and perceived. We understand that image-making patterns are unstable, semantically charged, and that the representation of place may precede or surpass aspirations toward authoritative transcription. Our charge is to explore visual narratives at the national and international scale and to render explicit the complex relationship between experience, the constructed image, meaning and the public. Proposals are due August 3rd. Final submissions will be given on September 1st.

Proposals are due August 3rd.
Final submissions due on September 1, 2012

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