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24/02/2011 by architectural competitions

This year’s contest focuses on service facilities to integrate social housing

The winning projects will be built on the Via d’Acqua of Expo 2015

Deadline: 17th March 2011
The contest is targeted toward architecture, engineering, and industrial design students and recent graduates (italian and foreign).

The contest focuses on small service-based structures, on an urban or local scale, will be able to complete, or to merge with, social housing that has already been built or will soon be built. They will have a network of services that will serve as a communications link for the living spaces around the parks.

The parks become a wonderful public space that serves as a hub for different parts of the city: a network of services
strung along the system of the Via D’Acqua of EXPO 2015.

For info:
Francesco Persichetti,, +39.02.80604324

Donwload more info:,1,30,767,3147,4693,4697

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