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Integration of Art and Architecture Competition – Hatch Fest

14/07/2010 by architectural competitions

HATCH is a year round non-profit organization, designed to develop and foster the growth of creative minds in various industries through mentorship, exposure, and networking.

Since it’s inception in 2004, Hatch has successfully developed an environment, from HATCHfest to HATCHlabs that strikes the enthusiasm and stimulation of young artist’s creativity throughout the world, by connecting new filmmakers, musicians, photographers, designers, architects, writers and fine artists with award-winning veterans in the entertainment industry. The inspiration of one affects the lives of millions.

The Competition
The Integration of Art and Architecture is an open competition focusing on the celebration and unification of multiple artistic disciplines through architecture. Any project that integrates multiple art disciplines into a single project is eligible.

Hatch Space Panel participants comprised of local, national and international known architects, professors from Montana State University School of Architecture.

Judging Criteria
1) Innovation of materials and systems
2) Environmentally responsible
3) Community integration
4) Successful integration of multiple art disciplines

Entries are encouraged to utilize “Green” building practices.


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