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New National Stadium Japan International Design Competition

24/08/2012 by architectural competitions

The JAPAN SPORT COUNCIL announces the opening of a design competition for the construction of a new national stadium in Japan. The construction of the stadium is being undertaken as a national project on a scale unprecedented in this century.
The stadium is scheduled for completion in 2018, and if Japan is selected to host the 2020 Olympic Games, it will be used as the primary venue for both, the 2020 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. The stadium is already slated to host the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and will also be offered as a venue for the FIFA World Cup, the IAAF World Championships in Athletics, concerts by world-renowned entertainers, and a wide range of other cultural and artistic events.
As an all-new stadium, we want to create it in an all-new way, with full public participation, and we pledge to make the entire process – from design selection to final completion – fully open and transparent.
What Japan needs now is the power of dreams.

Ichiro Kono

Judging Committee
Jury Chair: Tadao Ando
Judging Comittee Members: Hiroyuki Suzuki, Takayuki Kishii, Hiroshi Naito, Makoto Yasuoka, Junji Ogura, Shunichi Tokura, Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, Ichiro Kono

Registration: 5:00 pm September 10, 2012
Proposals may be submitted from September 10, 2012 and must arrive  by 5:00 pm September 25, 2012

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