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ONE Lab: Future Cities Summer 2012

12/03/2012 by architectural competitions

ONE Lab: Future Cities Summer 2012 | NY School for Design + Science

Open, International

New York City, USA



The studio will be offered in two levels, one for professional designers and students enrolled in professional schools or departments of design, the other for students and individuals of varied experience and background. All workshops are beginner level and no previous knowledge or experience is required.

Terreform ONE is now accepting applications for ONE LAB: Future Cities Summer 2012. All candidates are asked to submit their application materials on-line. To review material requirements, visit:

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, May 15, 2012. Students attending the seminars series only do not need to apply.

Monday, July 9, 20120 – Friday, August 3, 2012

The top ten candidates will receive scholarships up to 50% of the tuition.

Socio-Ecological Exploration of the Future Metropolis

ONE Lab Summer 2012 on Future Cities will address the emerging discipline of global urbaneering by assembling a wide range of innovators from fields as diverse as architecture, material science, urban design, biology, civil engineering and media art.

ONE Lab provides a unique opportunity for students to learn from internationally recognized scientists, renowned designers and artists. This summer approximately 40 researchers will gather in New York City for four weeks of intense creative and scientific exploration.

ONE Lab: Future Cities Summer 2012 will feature a Design Studio, Future Cities Seminars and Future Cities Workshops to rethink the possibilities for urban life in our metropolis hereafter.

Design Studio

Four weeks and 100 hours of intense exploration of the future of the city. Using New York as a laboratory, the studio will rethink what is salubrious about the city, in both its forms and its life. We will base our investigations on one illuminating hypothesis: in the future New York will grow to be self-sufficient in its critical necessities.

Future Cities Seminars

40 hours of TED style talks given by distinguished architects, engineers, biologists, ecologists, industrial designers, physicists and artists offering radically new responses to the real needs and aspirations of future cities.

Future Cities Workshops

In four workshops participants will learn the processes of biotechnology (including technologies such as genetic engineering, tissue culture, and cloning), growing materials, grafting trees and plants, scripting and computational modeling for controlled growth.


Maria Aiolova, LEED AP, Terreform ONE

Mitchell Joachim, PhD, Tefferorm ONE


Vito Acconci, Acconci Studio

David Benjamin, The Living

Anna Dyson, CASE RPI

Martina Decker, Decker Yeadon

Dickson Despommier, PhD, The Vertical Farm

Alexander Felson, PhD, Yale

Marc Fornes, TheVeryMany

Ellen Jorgensen, PhD, Genspace

Graham Hill, Treehugger

Marni Horwitz, Alive Structures

Christian Hubert, Hubert Studio

Marcin Jakubowski, PhD, Open Source Ecology

Natalie Jeremijenko, PhD, NYU

Janna Levin, Barnard Columbia University

Kaja Kuehl, Youarethecity

Mary Mattingly, Waterpod

Walter Meyer, Local Office Landscape

Oliver Medvedik, PhD, Genspace

Amanda Parkes, PhD, Bodega Algae

James Patten, PhD, Patten Studio

Nina Tandon, PhD, Columbia University

Skylar Tibbits, MIT, SJET

Bill Washabaugh, Hypersonic

Visit ONE Lab for more information regarding program and workshop details, research, faculty and tuition:

Organized by: Terreform ONE

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