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reSITE / Skanska Design Contest

23/03/2012 by architectural competitions

A new international idea competition is announced by reSITE Festival, ARCHIP (Architectural Institute in Prague) and Skanska, to find new conceptions and proposals for the River Vltava, in Prague, Czech Republic.

“We want a visionary proposal from a diverse group of competitors for the future of the river. The jurors will look for a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates landscape architecture, urbanism, architecture, art, urban ecology and other fields. This is how the modern urban project should be” says Martin Barry, Fulbright Scholar and Director of reSITE Festival. Regina Loukotová, the Rector of ARCHIP adds: “The competition, both for students and professionals, can contribute significant benefits to the City of Prague – specific conceptions and strategies. A simple and clearly described idea might clarify even a complex and complicated problem. An external view might help us to see the relationship between the city and the river in a different perspective.”

The scope of the competition is the Vltava riverbank and its immediate context from Libensky Most (Bridge) to the north to Zeleznicni most (Railway Bridge) to the south. This section of the river has really various character and quality on both riverbanks, which gives competitors a chance to select and work on a wide scope of places and areas. The proposals should use existing potential of the Vltava river, define its connection with the city – and lead to creation of attractive public spaces of adequate scale, living by variety of activities.

Winners of the competition are to get financial prizes of 3000 €, 2000 €, 1000 €, donated by the main sponsor, Skanska company. Its represent Lucie Nováková says: “We decided to support this project from a number of reasons. Protecting of the environment and the reduction of any possible negative impact on the environment as a result of our construction activities form an integral part of Skanska’s corporate strategy. ReSITE motivates the general public and professionals to reflect on the current view of the city. And points out that everything can be done sensitively and within the principles of sustainable development. It is also our goal. Therefore, we consider cooperation between Skanska and reSITE as meaningful and very beneficial for both.”

The international competition in anonymous and open to all interested parties, regardless of age or profession. An entry can be submitted by an individual, a company, or a team. The projects will be judged in two rounds, the winners will be chosen by an international jury, composed of renowned professionals like Kate Orff, Alexandros Washburn, Jakub Cigler, Adam Gebrian, Igor Kovačević or Jan Skalický.

Competition regulations and complete brief plus material are available at Registration is free of charge.
Entries in English language are to be sent only in digital form – the deadline is Monday, May 14, 2012.

The Skanska: Bridging Prague Award is a part of the inaugural reSITE Festival, an international event taking place in Prague in May 21–27. Its committed to interdisciplinary design collaboration to make cities more livable. The Festival will be centered on a two-day conference and supported by dozens of independently organized events. The spotlight of reSITE is the future of Vltava riverfront and the whole city of Prague, urban mobility and public spaces. reSITE is being organized by an American landscape architect Martin Barry, Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor at FA CTU, Partnership Foundation and Architectural Institute in Prague, an international private college.

For more information re reSITE_Skanska Bridging Prague Competition, please contact:
Lenka Šubrtová | reSITE PR |+420 602 213 814 |


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