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Santiago de Chile 2010 – Association of Wines of Chile

16/08/2010 by architectural competitions

In the last years Chile has turned into a leading society in the field of industrial wine production but above all, in the development of the best wine cellars in the world, having successfully merged occidental science and technology with traditional grape growing. Chilean wines assume that it must serve to contemporary taste, while still be an object of design that not only enters through the eyes but through its body that has a sensibility and a unique mixture of flavours. Consistently, Chile has contributed to improve wine style beyond its frontiers, from the simplest flavour design to the most sophisticated, turning into an example of avant-garde harvesting in the world.

This is why the challenge for this competition is to design a Museum that has XX Century History of Wine exhibition areas and also be a landmark for the city of Santiago. To this end, the plot where this project will take place is located at Cerro San Cristobal, since this hill is the most natural and, at the same time, urban backdrop to lay out a natural/artificial product such as wine. This is an amazing opportunity for the winning architect to become well known in a potentially growing market such as design of wine cellars and vineyards of all South America.

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