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Satamalahti Architecture Competition

15/06/2012 by architectural competitions

The City of Mikkeli is organising a public two-stage architecture ideas competition for the area of Satamalahti.

The purpose of the competition is to increase the density of Mikkeli’s city structure by designing a new model area for ecological construction, extending the city centre to the Lake Saimaa shoreline. The competition will help to create a new image/brand of Mikkeli as a city on the shore of Lake Saimaa, fulfilling the city’s strategic aim of being a “Growth centre for modern services on the shore of Lake Saimaa”.

A public international two-stage architecture competition

I phase 22.5.2012 – 1.10.2012
II phase 19.11.2012 – 31.1.2013


1ST PRIZE €80,000
2ND PRIZE €60,000
3RD PRIZE €40,000
PURCHASES 2 X €20,000


The first stage of the competition begins on 22.5.2012
Competition seminar 15.6.2012.
Submission of questions regarding the competition 3.8.2012
Answers to questions regarding the competition by 3.9.2012
The first stage of the competition ends on 1.10.2012

The entries in the first stage of the competition are uploaded on the competition website on 12.11.2012

The second stage of the competition begins on 19.11.2012
The second stage of the competition ends on 31.1.2013

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