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12/05/2010 by architectural competitions

Faced with the proliferation of beach houses at luxury, closed and exclusive bathing resorts, many clients have opted for quieter places; not necessarily far from the beach, but where they can enjoy greater freedom and more space without all the complex ties formed by the rules that oblige them to adhere to the internal regulations of such condominiums. It is within the context of this return to nature that small lots have begun to proliferate (between 2,500 and 5,000 square meters), in which people have started to establish small accommodation for themselves and their closest relatives, creating a new and socially interesting phenomenon: the country-beach house, which is accommodation that functions during both summer and winter and which does not centralize its activities around a single nucleus, but instead disperses its facilities throughout the area of a comfortable lot, thereby providing a certain degree of independence in the form of zones and sub-zones, creating in this way distinct spaces, which may be differentiated by the type of light, vegetation (or the absence of the same), or simply through differences in colors, texture or materials.

ARQUITECTUM is able to present this particular, highly interesting case to graduates and students of architecture throughout the world because the client in question has decided to call upon a wide range of architects in order to encourage innovative and powerful ideas designed to master and to reinvent the family environment.

The project is a country-beach house which can be developed in stages, beginning with a constructed area of 50 m2 and ending as a multipurpose project of approximately 350 m2 of constructed area. Each stage will add complementary uses to the previous phase, beginning with a minimum space for a couple, and finishing with a house with all the complete services capable of receiving as many as 12 guests.

Special Registration Deadline 05/17/2010
Early Bird Registration Deadline 06/14/2010
Late Registration Deadline 07/15/2010


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