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Skill ‘Building’ Challenge

10/08/2011 by architectural competitions

Developing countries are faced with enormous pressure to make a successful transition from the pre-globalisation era into the new globalised economy structure. Despite the fact that India is on the fast track of development, the Government is faced with –

The challenge to enable majority of the Indians to participate in the benefits of growth and to contribute to that growth.

The current knowledge oriented economy requires a new generation of skilled people capable of competing at a larger, global platform. To do this the largely unskilled Indian labor force must have education and training that equips them for the new knowledge based labor market. One of the sources of the skilled workforce is the vocational education and training system. However, the current system is not being able to appropriately respond to the needs of the market.


Date of announcement: 15h June, 2011
Date of Submission : 29th August, 2011
Date of Announcement of Winners : 5th September, 2011


A total amount of INR 2,00,000.00 will be awarded to the winner of the competition.

The winner of the competition stands to receive the right to commission of the International Skills School Project.

The Architect / Team / Firm on commissioning the project will be remunerated for architectural services as per Council of Architecture, India (COA) norms.

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