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SOILED – No.4 Windowscrapers

21/10/2012 by architectural competitions

SOILED is an architectural periodical. It investigates latent issues in the built environment and the politics of space.

SOILED’s next issue, Windowscrapers, is interested in probing moments where public spectacle intermingles with the humdrum of private routine; we call on the typology of windows as a literal and symbolic device through which those moments are mediated. Whether peering through a physical window or not, Windowscrapers seeks to explore a continuum of human encounters, from the sinister to the serendipitous. From Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window to windowless rooms, and from window shopping to Google Streetview-ing, Windowscrapers invites a broad investigation of people-watching, voyeurism, and surveillance. Akin to the issues of SOILED before it, Windowscrapers believes that the printed page can transcend the bookshelf—that print media can be a tool to engage with the physical environment, according to architectural and fenestrated coordinates. Welcome to the peep show!

SOILED invites narratives, manifestoes, critical essays, infographics, diagrams, mappings, photographs, comics, speculations, and ephemera, among other salient media, to respond to the above instigation.  If you’d like to contribute, please review our submission guidelines, posted on our website:

Proposals submitted by OCTOBER 31st will be reviewed for inclusion.
Submissions should be sent to:

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