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suckerPUNCH competition

18/06/2010 by architectural competitions


this open international ideas competition is for the integrated design of an innovative music venue in the east river state park located in williamsburg BROOKLYN. the new park is the site of the ‘JELLY Pool Parties’ summer concert series which brings 10,000 fans to the site on sunday afternoons to enjoy free performances by progressive independent artists. suckerPUNCH challenges designers to develop a network of stages and facilities which can accommodate and enhance these performances through a progressive design strategy. as the epicenter of cutting edge music, art, and fashion in brooklyn, williamsburg demands an architectural intervention that integrates the most contemporary of design ideas, techniques and processes. the stages and facilities should be designed as a differentiated system where unique moments can emerge from a cohesive environment within the park. the stages can be permanent structures or they can be transformative and adapt in order to accommodate the infinite possible future scenarios for the site and its incarnations in the off season. the organizers are proposing such future functions as the performances of opera, classical, and pop music as well as movie screenings and outdoor markets. designs should consider atmospheric conditions such as lighting and water as well as performative shading features as these performances will be held in the heat of the summer and span from the afternoon into the night.

///williamsburg BROOKLYN

the village of williamsburg was established in 1827 and originally used for industrial purposes because of its location along the east river. williamsburg eventually merged with the city of brooklyn and continued to grow as large companies set up their factories in the area such as the domino sugar refinery. the completion of the williamsburg bridge at the turn of the 20th century connected williamsburg directly to manhattan causing a major influx of population. eventually in the middle of the 20th century industries began pulling out of their williamsburg factories in favor of cheaper locations. the area became riddled with crime as a large population existed without jobs and an industrial wasteland as home. in the late 1980s artists and young people began moving to the neighborhood for its cheap rents and huge warehouse spaces. by the turn of the millennium the neighborhood had a new population and was a thriving cultural center for art, music, and entertainment. in 2005 williamsburg was largely rezoned to allow for large residential towers to go up in the neighborhood and along the waterfront. the population continues to grow as well as the number of music venues, boutique stores, and renowned restaurants.[1]


formerly a 19th century shipping dock, the site of east river state park was opened as a public park in 2007. the site was known as palmer’s dock, named after lowell palmer. he was an 1870s maker of barrels and casks, who sidestepped the congested shipping lanes and streets of manhattan by bringing in ships of flour, sugar and other commodities directly from new jersey.[2] the docks were used commercially until 1983. the land remained inactive until purchased by the new york state office of parks, recreation and historic preservation. the park is seven acres of gently sloping, riverfront land with large concrete pads left over from the shipping sheds. the site is along the river and offers amazing views to the manhattan skyline and new york city bridges. the park is three blocks from bedford avenue, the main commercial thoroughfare of the neighborhood.

///performance venue PROGRAM

main stage 60’ x 40’
main stage seating/standing area 15000sf
secondary stage 30’ x 10’
secondary stage seating/standing area 5000sf
[2] bathroom facilities 1000sf each
[2] bar tents 1000sf each
[3] food tents 1000sf each
lounge/visitor center 5000sf
dodgeball court 30’ x 60’
water feature at the discretion of the entrant
[10] vender kiosks 100sf each
[2] ticket booths 100sf each

This is an international open ideas competition. There are no plans for it to be constructed. This competition is not affiliated with the New York State Parks.

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