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The 2010 ResilientCity Competition

17/03/2010 by architectural competitions

The 2010 Design Ideas Competition Is Now Open!

The 2010 Design Ideas Competition is an exciting opportunity for architects, city planners, urban designers, engineers, and landscape architects, including students, graduate students and interns of these disciplines around the world to contribute ideas about creating more resilient cities.


The purpose of the competition will be for you to explore ideas and opportunities for increasing the resilience of your city to the present and future impacts of climate change and peak oil. To this end, the 2010 competition’s theme will be:

“Building Urban Resilience where you are with what you have.”

Like last year’s competition there will be a $1,000 CAN prize for best planning and design idea, but there will be an additional prize of $1,000 CAN for the best video mini-documentary.

New this Year!

This year, instead of asking you to put forward planning and design proposals for one of either two urban design scenarios, or one of two building design scenarios, the scope of the competition is now wide open for you to come forward with ideas for your own scenarios for increasing the resilience of the city you live in. In doing this, you are free to explore and develop broad based planning and urban design strategies for your city as a whole, or you could focus in on developing strategies for increasing resilience through specific building design strategies.

However broadly or narrowly you wish to cast your ideas net, your aim should be to develop ideas that are consistent with the competition’s theme of “Building Urban Resilience where you are with what you have.” But we should note that in doing so, you should not understand the phrase “with what you have” to restrict you to how much money you have, or how much political power you have, but rather what talents and ideas you have!

New Video-Doc Category

Like last year’s Design Ideas Competition, this year’s competition will provide you with the opportunity to put forward plans and strategies developed in the form of drawings, words and sketches. However this year, you will also have the opportunity to submit your ideas in the form of a video mini-doc (up to 10 min max length), either separately or in combination with your drawing and text-based submissions.

No Entry Fee!

This year there will be no registration fee! We have dropped the registration fee this year because we wanted the ideas competition to be open to as many people around the world as possible, and were concerned that, even though small, an entry fee might discourage entrants in cities and countries were their exchange rates would make $20 CAN a prohibitive sum for students and small scale practitioners.

Ideas Competition Blog

During this year’s competition we be encouraging competition participants to collaborate with one another through a Competition Forum Blog. This blog will be set up with the purpose of answering questions about the competition and offering participants the opportunity to discuss their project ideas and connect with others doing the competition.

I very much look forward to this year’s Ideas Competition as a great opportunity to further explore how we can make our cities more resilient to the present and future stresses of global climate change and peak oil. We look forward to your thoughts and suggestions on this year’s competition!

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