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The Annual National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA) Design Competition(ANDC)

16/07/2010 by architectural competitions

The Annual NASA Design Competition(ANDC) is NASA’s own design competition, which touches upon issues ranging from current trends to theoretical approach of architectural design.

Utopia…a dream of a dream! A word more ethereal than specific or objective. A state of perfect being in totality, which perhaps can not be achieved. Having accepted the fact, can we talk about a more realistic approach to try and achieve as much as possible of this dream and make it realistically possible through architecture?

Is it possible to create a structure which is more ethereal than concrete?….at least in early stages of conception and then slowly it can be transformed to more concrete forms.

How do we, as an individual, perceive this state of perfection knowing that in its ultimate true sense it is unattainable.

Lets take a simple example of day and night.. Physical nature of things-never changes! Physical nature of space-never changes! Yet the addition of light or the lack of it or the intermediary stages create different dimensions in our perception! Can we play with this or similar thought?

Students should first try to understand and define the true nature of a utopian state and then try to translate the same into physical forms and shapes.

Can we create a structure which at different times of the day, or whatever, APPEARS DIFFERENT?


  1. Mehrdad Hassanzadeh says:

    it’s possible, and i’d love try it

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