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The future of architecture

20/06/2012 by architectural competitions

“The future of” is a participatory book project initiated by¬†which tries to provide an insight into the future role of architecture.
Every architectural attempt starts by making a representation of an imaginative situation or design, which will happen, or could happen in the future. In many cases an architectural design remains a future plan, and in times of economical and political crisis, the question of what comes next gains relevance. So, while architects shape the future, this book is concerning about the future of architecture. In order to create an answer which reflects the contemporary architectural thinking, the book has been divided into two chapters.

The first part consists of the answers given by a selection of very interesting and innovative architectural offices, thinkers and historians, amongst them: Marjetica Potrc, 2012 architecten, Aristide Antonas, Something fantastic, Ethel Baraona, Rotor, and many more. They have answered the simple but complex question, “What is the future of architecture?” and supply a professional and experienced perspective.

The second chapter is still open, and is up to the public to complete. By formatting the same question “What is the future of architecture?” into an open call, where one can participate and submit their own answer, an alternative approach to the same question is formed.

The end result will we a fragmented map of thoughts of hundreds of people that study or deal, in general, with architecture. Putting together the pieces of this map, we might be able to discover a glimpse of the future of architecture.

Submit your answer until the 30th of August.

To participate with this project, please send your answer through the website

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