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The openAEC Challenge: a Collaboration Competition

31/08/2012 by architectural competitions

The OpenAEC Challenge is an architectural “competition” where the criteria for winning is based on how well you collaborate with others and NOT on how well you design in isolation. In that sense, it’s less a competition, and more a challenge.

The sole purpose of this Challenge is to abolish a pervasive myth undoubtedly shared by a vast majority of architectural students around the world: That real-world buildings are designed by a sole, mastermind architect, working in isolation.

The OpenAEC is a unique type of architectural competition. Unlike a typical competition, where the criteria for winning is solely based on how successful the final submission is, the criteria for winning the OpenAEC Challenge will be solely based based on how well the participants collaborate, integrate, and build off each other’s ideas. The Challenge will be broken down into eight, two-week long phases or charrettes, over the length of the Fall semester, 2012. OpenAEC participates will use the to share their digital documents and to conduct real-time Peer Reviews via their whiteboarding tool: SketchSpace™.

After any one phase, the Challenge participants are encouraged and expected to re-use and re-appropriate the ideas and content (CAD/BIM files) submitted by others in earlier phases.

In other words, copying and using other’s work is not just encouraged in this Challenge, it’s essential! This Challenge will be centered around a real project—a 48 acre (19.5 ha) sustainable, agro-tourism farm, called Flocktown Farm, located an hour outside of New York City.
Registration Deadline: no deadline (suggested: Friday, September 7th, 2012)
Submission Deadline: various dates (two-week Charrette Phases throughout a 4-month duration). The Challenge ends Friday, December 14th, 2012.
Submission Fee: Zero ($0)
Prize: $8,000 total
Jury: Unlike a typical competition, the participants will be voting on the designs, not some panel of arbitrary juriers. The ultimate winners of the Challenge will be those teams/individuals who have won the most phases throughout the semester.

For more details, please visit the following link:

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