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URBAN ANIMAL: 2012 Animal Architecture Awards

23/04/2012 by architectural competitions

Urban areas are quickly becoming the densest concentrations of human life on the planet and with that comes the well documented positive and negative impacts to local biodiversity and ecologies. But humans are not the only urban animals – squirrels, pigeons, mice, rats, crows, raccoons, beetles etc… are all species identified as synanthropes – animals that “live near, and benefit from, an association with humans and the somewhat artificial habitats that humans create around them.” These are highly-urbanized non-human animals and our potential design partners. Expanded hetero-cultures, urban agriculture, and a flexible, more resilient urbanism are all potential benefits of cross species collaborations. What other benefits exist?

SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT Animal Architecture wants your ideas about how synanthropic design can reshape, expand and redefine the context of urban thought and space. Submissions can include past work, current research and built or unbuilt projects. Projects should focus on solving, addressing or proposing urban issues and must actively incorporate at least one, if not more non-human design partners. Winning entries will be announced mid summer 2012 and will be eligible for publication and exhibition. Details to follow.

Register: May 13th 2012
Submissions: June 11th 2012
Cost: $35.00 USD for currently enrolled students, $100.00 for Professionals.

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